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    Bob Dean
    ChartLogic is well-known for providing solutions that allow Doctors to practice medicine their way. We understand how Physicians and practices need and want to operate. We are excited to bring leading technologies to the medical community; to provide new and innovative ways to bring about profitable patient care.

    Our technical "roadmap" utilizes the most current industry standards that will provide virtually unlimited functionality and resources to medical practices. The ChartLogic technology group which consists of programmers, engineers, and technicians are dedicated to the continued success of the ChartLogic product line. We are currently developing products that utilize web technologies which will allow seamless ease of use with ideal functionality for medical practices.

    ChartLogic Medical IT Solutions (MITS) group is the best in the industry. All software programs need a strong network foundation in order to operate. We pride ourselves with the ability to provide the technical, network and hardware expertise to make any practice function at optimal performance. If you have network or hardware concerns or needs, we invite you to give us a call.

    As with the rest of the company, the ChartLogic technology group looks forward to our clients continued success and is honored to be a part of it.

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    Did You Know? Did You Know?
    ChartLogic EMR ChartLogic EMR includes a valuable feature which allows the user to open other programs with the patient chart already selected. The Program Links feature can be setup to open nearly any other program that your practice uses. With a simple option, the...

    user can include the Patient ID # of the currently selected patient with the command to open that application. Some ChartLogic EMR offices use this to open the selected patient's PACS images or other programs similar to PACS.
    Each user can control whether they see Program Links on their User Dashboard. Each machine in the practice can also be setup with the specific link. To setup the links, select "Options" from the "Configure" menu in ChartLogic EMR. Expand the "Machine" group and select the "Program Links" section.

    In the "1st Name" field, the name of the link can be typed as you want it to appear on the dashboard. For the "1st Path" field, click the ellipsis button […] to the right to browse to the program file. The user may also type the program file name (i.e. C:\Program Files\PACS\pacsviewer.exe). In the "Include Patient with Program Link 1" field, choose whether or not to send the Patient ID # with the link for that application. If "Yes" is selected, it will send a command to the computer such as "C:\Program Files\PACS\pacsviewer.exe 1234SS" (Program Path [space] PatID).

    Not every program will allow command line functionality like this, and some might require it in a different format. As such, there may be additional complexities to this process. However, some programs do allow this feature to work and it is worth looking into if you have another program you often use. For additional information, please contact your Account Manager.

    ChartLogic PM ChartLogic Practice Management includes a Collections Work List feature that can save your practice time and money. Reams of printed Accounts Receivable reports can be eliminated and these Collection Work Lists can be used to work the A/R. With Work Lists, A/R can...

    be grouped into custom defined categories and assign specific collectors in your office to manage these outstanding balances.
    Management is now a one-screen solution with all pertinent information that is needed to work an outstanding balance displaying on the same screen. Contact the insurance or patient, send out a new or corrected claim or statement, and even note the account. Also, follow-up reminders can be set without switching screens in the collections module.

    For additional information on how to setup and use the Collections Work Lists in ChartLogic PM, you can visit ChartLogic University, use the help file online, or contact your ChartLogic Account Manager directly.

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    ChartLogic is pleased to announce that our electronic prescription writer is now in final testing and will be available to our ChartLogic EMR users very soon. Here are some additional details about ePrescribing:

  • ePrescribe will be available in the ChartLogic EMR 6.5.1a upgrade.
  • This upgrade may include other features and fixes, but the primary changes will be to accommodate this new application.
  • There is an additional fee to use the ePrescribe service.
  • The fee is per provider, per year.
  • The fee can be included with annual support or paid separately (prorated if included in annual support)
  • There are financial benefits available to users of electronic prescription software that were legislated by the federal government beginning January 1st, 2009. Additional financial incentives might be able to be negotiated with your non-government payers or malpractice insurer.

    ePrescribe includes several features including medical alerts such as drug-to-drug interactions, contraindications, and allergy-to-drug warnings. In addition, it includes formulary information.

    For additional information on ePrescribe, or if you would like to sign up to Beta Test the product, please email us at Based on demand, enrollment will likely take 4-8 weeks, so act now to reserve your spot by January 1st.

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    Elite User Profile Elite User Profile
    Associated Urologists

    Associated Urologists of Manhattan, Kansas is a urology practice comprised of three physicians that have been providing quality urological services since 1995. The office has 5 exam rooms along with 17 workstations. This busy urology practice sees around 60 patients daily.

    The ChartLogic EHR solution which includes ChartLogic EMR and ChartLogic PM was implemented in 2006. In the search for an Electronic Health Record solution, Associated Urologists found ChartLogic to be the one EHR with the most advantages.
    The staff loves the scheduling tool which features a fully customizable, templated system for appointment scheduling and the comprehensive collections center of ChartLogic PM. The physicians love the ability to dictate patient exams with ChartLogic EMR. Each patient encounter can be stored electronically along with elements such as Past Medical History, Family History, Social History, History of Present Illness (HPI), Review of Systems (ROS), Exam, Diagnosis, Assessment, and Plan. At the office, the patient data can be accessed easily by staff or if necessary, the physicians can access from remote sites.

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    Training Tip Training Tip
    ChartLogic EMR With the latest version of ChartLogic EMR - ChartLogic EMR 6.5 - users can quickly access their vocabulary editor from within the exam screen. Users no longer have to go to the Audio Doctor to manage their custom vocabulary. This saves time when trying to add or remove...

    a troublesome word or phrase from your vocabulary. (If you are having difficulty with speech recognition of a specific word or phrase, the vocabulary editor can help you train and adjust this.)
    Vocabulary Editor

    Have you ever wanted your ChartLogic EMR to display "3/5" when you say "three over five"? This is easily accomplished in the vocabulary editor. Simply type out the "spoken form" above and then input the "written form" you would like the system to display when spoken. Then click the Add button. You may also train the spoken form if you have difficulty with accuracy.

    For additional information regarding this process, refer to ChartLogic University, the help files, or contact your ChartLogic Account Manager.

    ChartLogic PM ChartLogic was designed to give users access to common functions without having to change screens. In ChartLogic Practice Management, a user working on a patient's account within the registration module can quickly schedule an appointment for that patient by clicking...

    the red calendar icon at the top-right corner of the patient window.
    This allows the user to quickly access an up-to-date calendar view with the patient already selected so an appointment can be scheduled. When a patient calls for their balance, a correction to their account information, or for any other reason, the user can easily jump to the calendar with this feature.

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    Elite User Profile Employee Spotlight
    Chris Burch
    Account Management Manager

    Chris Burch is a very busy guy! At ChartLogic, his responsibility includes the management of client satisfaction, the account manager group, PM orders, DM orders, add on's, license transfers and many hardware/service orders. He is also a member of the client satisfaction committee which reviews client issues, bug discoveries and enhancement requests. Whew…!

    When he is not working, Chris stays busy grilling on the grill - like Bobby Flay, attending education classes for his Business Management degree and going live to music performances. As an enormous music fan, he loves going to small shows, and large concerts with friends. He would like nothing better than to see a live performance every night of the week.
    Chris began his career with ChartLogic in September 2005 as a support technician and then served as Implementation Manager and PM Manager before he accepted his current position. According to Chris, the best part of his job is hearing from happy ChartLogic clients; especially the clients that are so happy that they tell other people about ChartLogic.

    Prior to ChartLogic, he worked for a small telecom company and a Cisco outsource company.

    What gets Chris up in the morning? His answer, "The day; I am a morning person, so I've never found it tough to get up and "take on" the world each day."

    Thank you, Chris for being a part of the ChartLogic team!

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    New Feature Focus
    Welcome Welcome
    Tech Corner Tech Corner
    EMR Too Much Antivirus/Spyware Protection

    Have you ever wondered why your computer was running slow, even though it's brand new, top of the line, and has tons of memory?

    It could be too much computer protection!
    Would you put 6 dead bolts on your front door and then complain it takes forever to leave the house? The same goes for too many protection programs installed at the same time.

    Anti-virus/anti-spyware software takes a LOT of computer power to run. It has to keep track of every program and what it is doing at the present time, and keep the system clean. One is enough, and sometimes, none at all based on what you are doing with the computer.

    Ask your IT person what your office is using for protection and what you can do to run the bare minimum for adequate protection.

    PM ChartLogic Practice Management upgrades and updates are performed on Tuesday and Friday nights. Typically, clients will be notified at least one day prior via the pop-up alert boxes that display when users first log...

    into your system.

    Because the program is an internet based program, there could be problems with your web-browser caching information that has changed. If users experience speed or display issues, have your temporary internet files removed every Monday and Wednesday morning.
    Prior to removing temporary internet files, ChartLogic recommends checking with your IT service to avoid any issues related to other sections of your browser's default settings. In Internet Explorer, temporary internet files can be removed by the following process:

    1. Select "Internet Options" from the "Tools Menu".
    2. (Skip this step if on an older Internet Explorer browser) Choose the "Delete" button in the "Browsing history" section (General Tab).
    3. Choose "Delete files" in the "Temporary Internet Files" section.
    4. Choose "Yes" or "OK" if prompted to delete the files.
    5. Choose "OK" to close the Options window.
    This process could speed up your computer, and help eliminate any problems with older data files being stored by your browser that conflict with an update.

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    New Feature Focus New Feature Focus
    ChartLogic EMR ChartLogic EMR includes a new X-Ray ordering module interface. This module allows users to place an order for x-rays or other imaging studies within the Messaging module. A message is then sent to the...

    X-Ray ordering module of the imaging system. Patient demographics, test name, and additional information are sent to the ordering module, saving the practice time from having to input that information a second time into another system.
    ChartLogic has already been interfaced to two very popular products. Additional imaging software can be interfaced as well. If you are interested in this or any other interfaces, please contact your Account Manager or Sales Rep for additional information and pricing.

    ChartLogic PM Global Days
    With the latest version of ChartLogic Practice Management, any user can quickly determine if a patient is within a global period before scheduling them. This feature will help your practice...

    avoid scheduling the patients for the wrong type of appointment.
    This new feature also alerts any user to a global period as they enter or review charges. An alert will show by highlighting the "Date of Service" in yellow. This will help prevent incorrect billing of a given visit by the practice. Users can then add the appropriate modifier if the visit is billable and submit the claim correctly. Medicare global days are automatically loaded into ChartLogic PM. The practice can customize the global period within ChartLogic PM, based on practice-defined procedure codes and global time periods.

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    We are pleased to announce the completion of our ChartLogic Administrator Course (CLAdmin) in (CLU). This course encompasses every aspect of ChartLogic to ensure that our customers...

    have a true expert - a resident expert - with ChartLogic products on staff within their practice. CLAdmin is a very important role that will be the primary point of contact for Account Managers to work on efficiency advancements with our clients.
    CLAdmin helps us to target more effective training to address each clinic's workflow and training needs. CLAdmins will assist in making sure physicians and staff members are on target with benchmarks and goals established with ChartLogic Account Managers. Our customer's advancement with our products is very important for success. We are excited to work with our customers in identifying and training this important position within their practices.

    Your Account Manager will be contacting you shortly to help identify who will fulfill this roll in your practice.

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    Welcome Welcome
    We would like to welcome all 39 of our new clients for the month of October and thank all of the ChartLogic clients that provided references and participated in helping our sales team.

    This month, we would like to highlight Conway Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Clinic.

    Conway Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Clinic is a full-service orthopedic group located in Conway, Arkansas. The six providers see to all types of orthopedic conditions, and have in-house diagnostic imaging.
    Conway Orthopaedic started searching for ways to add efficiencies in their practice and eliminate transcription costs. Rhonda Wells, the administrator formed an EMR committee that narrowed the list down to six EMR vendors. The EMR committee visited several clinics using Electronic Medical Records. In the meantime, Conway's doctors saw ChartLogic at the AAOS annual meetings in both San Francisco in 2008 and San Diego in 2007 and added ChartLogic to the list.

    During the decision making process, Conway visited a ChartLogic client, Fayetteville Orthopaedics, and made the decision to purchase ChartLogic after the visit along with checking other ChartLogic references. Conway chose ChartLogic because they were looking for an all-in-one EMR solution that had orthopaedic specific content. They also liked the PrecisionVoice™ functionality and the flexibility for each doctor to customize the way they use ChartLogic EMR. Conway chose EMR, Document Management, Practice Management, Mobile Doc, and Patient Education, and has begun their implementation this week. We'd like to thank Fayetteville Orthopaedics, and the other reference clients, South Arkansas Orthopaedic Center and Cary Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Specialists for their time and efforts.

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