Electronic Health Records
Electronic Medical Records


Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

As one of the first EMRs in the industry, ChartLogic EMR is used by thousands of providers today because, simply put, it works. ChartLogic EMR captures the clinical encounter electronically without requiring workflow changes, which is why so many have trusted ChartLogic with their electronic charting needs. By combining robust but easy-to-use technology with a tool you’ve been using all along—your voice—we’ve made charting more efficient than ever.

Technology built around the power of your voice. Most doctors already dictate their notes, which is why ChartLogic EMR is built around voice technology. Our integrated PrecisionVoice technology allows doctors to not only dictate their notes, but to command and control their way through the encounter, making documentation fast and accurate.

Simple charting from one SmartScreen. Electronic charting has little value if you’re constantly clicking or searching through hundreds of different screens to find what you need. ChartLogic users enjoy simpler charting with ChartLogic’s SmartScreen feature, which compiles everything on just one screen.

Eliminate the hassles of paper. By opting to use a digital charting system over a paper charting system, you are freeing up a vast amount of physical space throughout your practice that can be used for additional rooms for exams, procedures, imaging equipment, and labs. You’ll also eliminate the time wasted looking for and managing paper charts.

Increased reimbursement. ChartLogic’s E/M coding tool allows doctors to correctly code each note without risk of payer audit, thereby increasing reimbursement. ChartLogic EMR is also meaningful use certified—a high percentage of our providers have already been paid for demonstrating meaningful use.

Flexible tools that adapt to your workflow. ChartLogic EMR includes many customizable features and modules that will make your investment in a paperless office truly worthwhile. Prescribe medications electronically with ePrescribe, manage and create templates using ChartLogic’s Template Builder, and manage your mountains of paperwork with Document Management. ChartLogic has a variety of tools that adapt to your workflow, rather than forcing you to change the way you work.