Claim Entry

Imagine doubling the output of each biller in the practice. In most medical practices, billers spend half their time entering claims into the medical practice management software and the other half managing the collections. ChartLogic PM Claim Entry gives you the speed and flexibility needed since it is not only intuitive and easy, it helps everyone work quickly.

Select a Patient, Any Patient. The seamless integration between the Claim Entry module and the appointment scheduler makes it possible for staff to save time (several seconds per patient) by choosing the patient from the appointment scheduler list. When the patient is selected, it automatically picks the location, place of service, and Episode for billing scenarios.

Lucky Number Seven. Option #1 is an Online Charge Slip, which allows you to checkbox the desired codes. Option #2 is the Simple Billing Entry Form that has the same grid entry as most Windows systems. Option #3 is a detail billing form, which allows control of every aspect of the claim on one screen. Last but certainly not least, the staff can choose to populate the claim form from within ChartLogic EMR, using Quick Picks, Superbill, Diagnosis Director™, or even another EMR. Each one is a time-saving method which uses the same logic and workflow. Based on preference, the ChartLogic solution offers 7 different methods to input claims into the medical office software.

It’s Not My Fault, Its Dee’s fault. With medical billing software, the name of the game is automation. Less data entry will be required when defaults are set to commonly selected options, subsequently pulling the information in automatically. Less time spent entering claims equals less money spent entering claims.

Come Back. The best way to provide follow-up care is to immediately schedule patient for follow-up visits. The physician practice management recall system, integrated with the billing entry system, allows the doctor or staff to send a recall request to the schedulers or check-out desk, ensuring the follow-up care visit is scheduled prior to the patient leaving the practice.

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