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Jerris Heaton

Third-Party Billers Choose ChartLogic Billing Service as Their One-Stop Solution

July 25, 2017

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Increasing Use of Health IT Companies

Medical billing companies are increasingly turning to health IT companies to increase their collection efficiency through smart billing software which decreases the labor required to process the revenue cycle management – through features like dual-stage scrubbing which finds errors before they are submitted and real-time dashboards which allow billing managers to spot problems immediately. This not only saves on their billers time it also results in higher levels of collection for their clients.. When medical billing companies choose software, it’s important they find solutions that meet their unique needs, provided by a company with excellent customer service. That’s why so many medical billing companies are choosing to partner with ChartLogic.

According to the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), there are several reasons for delayed payments. Common issues involve instances when the provider incorrectly set up an account, times the provider did not follow up on denied claims, or occasions in which the payer incorrectly processed the invoice. To prevent these issues from occurring in the first place, billing companies need a health IT partner with the expertise and technology to help them efficiently manage the revenue cycle.

An effective billing service solution should perform the following tasks:

  • Handle claim processing, payment, and revenue generation
  • Determine patient eligibility
  • Collect payments and co-pays
  • Code claims correctly and track them
  • Follow up on denied claims

The Perfect One-Stop Solution

ChartLogic Billing Service Solution does all this and more. In addition, ChartLogic offers a full suite of software for clients in need of EHR, Patient Portal, and Managed IT Services. This comprehensive approach means medical billing companies no longer have to search multiple software vendors for software that fits their clients’ needs. ChartLogic provides one optimal solution. Using ChartLogic’s products in concert allows a client’s practice to run at maximum efficiency. Best of all, support for every service in the platform is just one phone call away.

These additional services take the stress off you as a billing company having to make reliable recommendations, and off your clients trying to find products that work cohesively together. Instead, everything ChartLogic offers works as the perfect solution with minimal hassle involved.

A Partner That Helps Satisfy Your Billing Needs

ChartLogic has been partnering with third-party billers to help them with their billing needs. The majority of these billers have seen improvements with their billing accuracy, collection rates, financial performance, and ability to serve customers. The enhanced technology and professional support offered by ChartLogic, helps billers establish a better, more accurate workflow so they can fully optimize their revenue cycle management (RCM).

RCM involves efficiently managing an office’s claims processing, payment, and revenue generation. The process includes determining patient eligibility, collecting payments, and co-pays, coding claims correctly and tracking them, and following up on denied claims. Savvy third party billers are increasingly turning to ChartLogic Billing Service Solution to manage their services. It simultaneously makes life easier for their company and helps creates a more efficient practice for their clients.

Lower Your Workload and Get Paid Faster Today

It’s time to let ChartLogic assume the responsibility for enabling your firm to focus on what’s most important: Serving your clients. Learn more about how ChartLogic can be your One-Stop Solution by clicking here.

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