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Healthcare IT Systems Assessment

We offer a complimentary Healthcare IT Systems Assessment, where our IT experts will perform a detailed review of the technology being utilized by your practice and provide you with an unbiased assessment based upon our findings. We will evaluate your equipment, network, system performances, and security settings and compare them with industry best practices.

Below is a list of the items performed during the assessment.

  • Practice IT Survey (Q&A with practice leader and/or practice IT resource)
  • Scan of network to identify assets on the network
  • Visual inspection of workstations, network and servers (for on-premise equipment)
  • Device Mapping (floor plans must be provided)
  • Picture inventory of all on-premise equipment
  • Network, Wireless, & Internet bandwidth performance assessment
  • Key Practice Software (Email/Collaboration, EHR/EMR & PM) Review
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery process review (includes UPS/Battery backup systems)
  • Ransomware & Network Risk Assessment
  • Firewall & Security Settings review
  • HIPAA SRA Survey (Q&A with practice leader or HIPAA administrator)
  • Virus/Malware scan and report for all workstations and servers

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