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Revenue Cycle Management (RCM Medical Billing)

Allow a top medical billing company to manage your billing & collections so you can focus on patients.


ChartLogic Billing & Revenue Cycle Management services use accurate billing practices to increase financial performance.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services take the billing burden off the medical office, liberating providers and staff to concentrate on patient care. Your staff never needs to touch the billing system again. Our combination of expertise and leading-edge technology improves your performance without increasing costs, saving money for patient care.

Within three months, our collections increased by 200%! This was truly a shock to us because we were so used to our poor in-house billing.

Dr. Getachew

Samuel Getachew, MD

Everything from medical history to diagnosis codes to referral reply letters can be accessed from this screen, making it easy for you to complete a comprehensive note without getting lost in forms and files. The end result is a complete electronic note in less than 90 seconds.

The end of January, our A/R was down tremendously. We’re starting to get payments more often and our claims are going out on time. ChartLogic even follows up on any claims that are denied for any reason.

Debbie, Insurance Administration

Eye Physicians Professional Association

Key Benefits


Beyond Standard eEligibility

What is that patient eligible for? How much coverage does that patient have? What is the policy makeup for the insurance company? The process is not simply a yes or no, but it is simple with Revenue Cycle Management. At ChartLogic, we dive deeper into eEligibility so you will know exactly what to expect for that patient and their relationship with the insurance provider.


Coding Assistance

Medical coding controls the lifeblood of any practice – cash flow. That is why it is very important that we employ highly experienced, AHIMA-credentialed coders for medical coding support and auditing services. Better coding allows your practice to maximize reimbursement and save time by not having to go back and change codes.


End-to-End Collections

The complete collection methodology of ChartLogic Billing creates untapped efficiencies throughout the entire process. Our team sends out two statements to the patient and follows up with a phone call to make sure you get paid, all while letting you focus on managing the practice.

Additional Benefits

Claim Status

Not all practices know the status of their submitted claims, but ChartLogic can manage and use this to improve your practice’s performance. We track each insurance company’s timeline and report the status of the claims. We can even track differences by state.

Suite of Premium Software

With ChartLogic Revenue Cycle Management, practices get the software included in the service package. Having software and services under one roof with one vendor creates complete transparency from scheduling the patient, to creating an electronic note, to reimbursement and getting paid.

Custom Reporting

Every practice is different and uses different metrics to measure performance. ChartLogic understands this and creates customized reports unique to your practice. We use advanced tools to pull the standard metrics to measure performance, but also tailor the reports for your needs.


The credentialing process can be time-consuming and confusing, but not with ChartLogic. ChartLogic already has a significant rapport with most insurance companies and can manage this process for you, which is one less headache. This drastically speeds up the process for any new enrollment for existing providers or if you are adding a provider.

Practice Performance

By using ChartLogic, you can expect to improve reimbursement and increase efficiency. We leverage our established relationships with payers and years of experience to earn you more of what your practice is owed.

Work Old A/R

ChartLogic is adept at working with multiple practice management software systems and when your practice comes on board we can work to help reduce your outstanding A/R.

By The Numbers

With ChartLogic Revenue Cycle Management, you can stop wondering if your billing staff are doing everything they can to increase revenue; instead, reduce administrative costs by over 50%.


Capturing Underpaid & Ignored Claims

The most common reasons for delayed payments, according to MGMA, are shown in the chart. At ChartLogic, we work to minimize these occurrences and prevent future delayed payments so your practice receives payment sooner and more often. If the patient is eligible, we believe there should be no internal reason for not getting paid and will fight to make sure you do.


Results You Can Trust

Let ChartLogic Billing assume the responsibility for coding accuracy, charge reconciliation, contract compliance and more, while providing your practice staff full access to work in progress and the associated financial data. Your bottom line is important and every element in your practice contributes to that.

Bundle with Other ChartLogic Services

When you bundle with other ChartLogic Services, you can truly focus on nothing but the patients. We handle everything from billing to collections, from hardware support to printers.


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