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Health IT Software Tailored for Your Specialty

Choose an EHR that can be completely customized to meet your specialty-specific needs. From custom-templates to tailored workflows, ChartLogic has you covered.

Orthopedic / Sports Med

Built For Orthopedic Practices

Orthopedic Surgeons choose ChartLogic EHR and Billing software to increase efficiency. Combining precise voice recognition with orthopedic-specific templates and flow sheets allows surgeons to start saving time and money right away. Use our pre-built orthopedic content or easily create your own without having to change your existing workflow.

It’s so much easier than others. It has made flow in the office easy and manageable again. It really improves workflow when the software is working with you and not against you.

Susie Vincent

Children’s Orthopedic Specialists

Key Features Used:

  • Template Builder
  • Voice Dictation
  • 90-Second Notes

Surgical Specialties

Built For Surgical Specialties

Our voice recognition features are optimized with surgical vocabularies. Plus, we have rich libraries of specialty-specific templates, flowsheets, patient education, order forms, superbills and dozens of other items to make your surgical practice succeed.

ChartLogic’s software allows true multi-tasking by integrating voice input of clinical data with the capability for customization that’s unsurpassed in the industry.

Dr. Joseph C. Noreika

Excellence in Eyecare

Key Features Used:

  • Voice Recognition
  • Labs
  • ePrescribe

Non-surgical Specialties

Built for Non-surgical Specialties

Specialty-specific content for your non-surgical specialty is included with each implementation and may be tailored to meet individual physician needs and preferences. The user can also easily create their own content from scratch, making the software work for you, not against you.

Within three months, our collections increased 200%! This was truly a shock to us because we were so used to our poor in-house billing.

Dr. Getachew

Samuel Getachew, MD

Key Features Used:

  • Patient Portal
  • Patient Scheduler
  • Labs

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