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We manage every client’s staff and technology as if they were our own.


Using time-tested and flexible methodologies, we are able to tailor the right solution for every client's needs and budget.

Whether you are a small practice needing minimal IT setup and support or a large health group looking to completely outsoure your IT operations, ChartLogic provides discrete functions such as IT infrastructures, Service Desk, or a dedicated CIO. These services are provided both onsite and/or from a US-based service center.

It’s great because it’s just one phone call away. It’s local, I get my questions answered the same day I ask them, and even when we run into problems on the weekends I can call in and get things fixed.

Eileen Sraj, Office Manager

Lake County Family Practice

Managed IT and support services provided by the healthcare IT department of ChartLogic. With over 25 years of healthcare IT consulting and outsourcing experience, ChartLogic is passionate about enabling exceptional healthcare.

Outsourced IT Services Types


Project Services

  • Legacy system evaluation
  • Hardware configuration for financial and business operations software
  • Infrastructure design including desktop and network
  • Privacy and security assessment
  • Technical support including maintenance, system updates and performance evaluation
  • Support for compliance with state and federal IT regulations.


Subscription Services

  • Remote 24×7 help desk support, all application, and infrastructure support
  • Remote 24X7 monitoring of network operations, and hardware
  • Complete management of all IT systems and operations using on-site and remote support
  • Backups management and verification of non-clinical financial and business software
  • Security monitoring and management

Bundle with Other ChartLogic Services

When you bundle with other ChartLogic Services, you can truly focus on nothing but the patients. We handle everything from billing to collections, from hardware support to printers.




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