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We manage every client’s staff and technology as if they were our own.


Using time-tested and flexible methodologies, we are able to tailor the right solution for every client's needs and budget.

Whether you are a small practice needing minimal IT setup and support or a large health group looking to completely outsoure your IT operations, ChartLogic provides discrete functions such as IT infrastructures, Service Desk, or a dedicated CIO. These services are provided both onsite and/or from a US-based service center.

Thanks so much for being so easy to work with. I regularly share my ChartLogic experience with my colleagues because I truly feel your company is in it to help practices succeed and do their very best… meaning it’s not all about the money. I really appreciate that we can work with such an outstanding group!

Brittney Wachter

CEO, Excel Eye Center

Managed IT and support services provided by the healthcare IT department of ChartLogic. With over 25 years of healthcare IT consulting and outsourcing experience, ChartLogic is passionate about enabling exceptional healthcare.

Outsourced IT Services Types


Managed IT

Performance & Availability Monitoring

Your solution is shaped to the unique footprint and culture of your environment. Think of it like a health monitoring wearable for your technology infrastructure. With custom alerts you are in position to rest easy, we’ll catch things before they negatively impact clinic.

Preventative Maintenance

A finely tuned network, much like a patient, requires regular checkups for optimum health. Our preventative maintenance helps to ensure the proper patches, security checks and lifecycle maintenance for your living network.

Vendor Management

We work with third-party vendors to help you reduce bottom-line expenses and present you solutions on the determination of which hardware and software suppliers will work best to suit your practice needs.


Help Desk Support

Help Desk Support

Our IT Help Desk is staffed around the clock and is available to provide you with immediate assistance and resolutions.

On-Site IT Support

Providing on-site IT support with qualified technicians for scheduled needs or emergencies.

On-Call Support

Nights, weekends, and holidays.


EHR Support

Template & Document Development

Creating custom clinical and specialty NextGen EHR content to meet NextGen needs. Our EHR development team will help prepare you for your next upgrade and assist in saving development time in future upgrades.

Project Management

Receive expert planning and support to get the most out of your NextGen upgrade or patch.

KBM & Version Upgrade Support

Professional support for planning, testing, and validating your NextGen upgrade is smooth and seamless. Equipped with best practices, project plans, checklists, test scripts, and risk mitigation plans, we are here to help make your upgrade easy and painless.


Cloud Hosting & Migration

Cloud Hosting

We can provide a cloud-based infrastructure, enabling practices to operate their business without the headaches associated with on-premise servers, data storage, and backup.

Cloud Migration

Migrating to the cloud can be tricky with linked data, business software, and downtime, there are a lot of factors to consider. Our team can help your practice if you are looking into migrating into the cloud.

Microsoft 365 Migration

Most of our clients move to Microsoft 365 to take advantage of Microsoft software such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more in a cloud setting. 365 allows for greater collaboration, security, and cloud storage so your team can be productive.

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