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Jerris Heaton

Ophthalmology Practice Increases Collections and Decreases A/R by 40%

July 11, 2016

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Eye Physicians Professional Association is located in Macon, Georgia and is comprised of four physicians.  Eye Physicians has one location and has been a ChartLogic customer for the past two years using the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software for fast note creation. Starting on January 1st, 2016, Eye Physicians replaced their Kareo billing service with ChartLogic Medical Billing Services.

In only four months, Eye Physicians started seeing an increase in collections, a decrease in A/R, and ChartLogic was even able to go back through 2015 and resubmit old Kareo charges that were never submitted. With additional credentialing and consultation services, Eye Physicians is on track to increase collections in 2016 by 20%.

“The end of January, our A/R was down tremendously. We’re starting to get payments more often and our claims are going out on time. ChartLogic even follows up on any claims that are denied for any reason.” – Debbie, insurance administrator for Eye Physicians

Practice Results

With Kareo, Eye Physicians had many bad billing experiences which persuaded them to transition to ChartLogic’s Medical Billing Service in January of 2016.  Since the transition Eye Physicians haven’t had any more issues with billing and have seen tremendous improvements without increasing their patient volume.

In just 4 months Eye Physicians increased their collections by $177,000 by using ChartLogic’s Medical Billing Service.  ChartLogic doesn’t just work to improve your company, but they also work to fix what other billing services mess up.  ChartLogic worked on the old A/R and combined a more effective and efficient process to help collect.  This method increased Q1’2016 collections by $177K when compared to Q4’2015.  Eye Physicians was surprised by the increase in collections.  They were expecting to receive their normal $120K-$140K but instead receive nearly double that of $260K in January.

“I’ve done billing for 25 years and it’s nice to have somebody that can help you learn in different ways, and newer things, so I’m very excited to have them on board.” – Debbie, insurance administrator for Eye Physicians

Billing at ChartLogic is a process that aims to take care of all the confusing time consuming tasks that practices have to normally schedule in their days.  By Eye Physician Professional Association switching to ChartLogic Medical Billing Services they were able to free up time for everyone at the practice, dramatically improve their financials (especially in regards to A/R and collections), and acquire incontestably the best billing support around.

Find out more about Eye Physicians transition and all of the benefits their practice has gained and continues to experience!  Download the case study here!

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