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Jerris Heaton

Hardware Improvements Greatly Increase Practice Functionality

January 8, 2018

Clinician, Office Manager, PM 2 Minute Read

How long has your practice been open? If the answer is any amount of time beyond two years, it’s time to ask the next question: How many times have you upgraded your hardware? Whether it’s computers, tablets, modems, routers, or printers, it might be time to upgrade. Technology moves fast. So fast that if you haven’t upgraded your practice within the last two years, your business is very likely 2x behind the technology curve. This can affect everything you do within your practice, including managing patient wait times. Slow hardware can even impact the volume of patients your clinicians can see in a given work week.

Don’t Become Accustomed To Inadequacy

While your personnel and doctors may have become accustomed to “loading times” and “slow internet”, there is truly no need to put up with these outdated hassles. Upgrading your hardware could increase your practice’s operating efficiency by a great deal, because software that is new and constantly upgraded operates more smoothly on up-to-date hardware.

Slow Hardware

Purchasing and implementing new hardware on a regular basis isn’t just “nice to have” for your practice, but since new hardware equals increased speed, it’s a necessity. But this doesn’t mean you’ll be required to rush patient visits. What it does mean, though, is more time for meaningful interactions with them, because you won’t be waiting for technology to do its job.

Consider purchasing new hardware to:

  • Increase your software operating speed
  • Enjoy better EHR voice-recognition functionality
  • Eliminate waiting times for programs to load
  • Enjoy faster computer boot-up times
  • Speed up internet connectivity
  • Allow more processes to run simultaneously

In addition to hardware, cloud-hosted systems require reliable internet connectivity to function. High-speed business-grade or commercial-grade internet service providers (ISPs) and packages are what we recommend and also a requirement for all ChartLogic practices. In addition, ChartLogic recommends the highest bandwidth available. Upgrading hardware to increase practice efficiency is essential. If you need some pointers on what to buy and how often, talk to the experts at ChartLogic.

Combing New Hardware With EHR/PM Solutions

If you’re looking for another reason to upgrade your hardware, many practice’s find combining updated hardware with EHR/PM solutions a big benefit to daily operations. Lake County Family Practice is one of the practice’s that can attest to this. Eileen Sraj, the office manager said:

It’s really nice having hardware IT and software support combined together. They can determine what the exact issue is all on one phone call. — Eileen Sraj, Office Manager

If you’d like to read the full story of how their practice benefits from hardware IT combined with EHR/PM solutions, you can download the case study here.

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