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Jerris Heaton

Patients Paying On Time Shouldn’t Be a Pipe Dream

March 9, 2017

Clinician, EHR, Patient Portal 2 Minute Read

Online Payments Are More Reliable And Convenient

Getting patients to pay their bills on time can be one of the most frustrating parts of providing healthcare. Repeatedly emailing links or trying to reach patients by phone is not only time-consuming, it often yields poor results. These methods also lead to unhappy, frustrated patients. A convenient and easy-to-use online payment method is absolutely essential in today’s healthcare marketplace. At ChartLogic, we developed Connect Patient with payment processing to be exactly that. It’s a simple, online tool to ensure bills are paid on time, with no hassle for you or your patients.

Practices need to take steps to make payments more convenient in order to make sure bills are paid on time. 56 percent of all bills in the U.S., totaling approximately 8.2 billion bill payments, are paid online. Studies show patients actually prefer this method. Patient Pay allows your patients to pay anytime, anywhere, resulting in bills actually being paid on time without your office having to make incessant phone calls.

“56 percent of all bills in the U.S., totaling approximately 8.2 billion bill payments, are paid online.”

The browser-based software also keeps all of the information for both parties in a centralized hub. This allows easy communication and connectivity, meaning both sides can easily sort out any issues which may arise. Practices can also track who has paid their bills and who still owes for services rendered. An efficient and organized payment hub helps build a better relationship between your practice and your patients, meaning things run as smoothly in-person as they do online.

No More Paper Bills

In an era in which online bill payments are the preferred route, medical offices cannot afford to stick to the traditional method of calling or sending emails. If it is inconvenient for patients to access the payment method you use, chances are high they will be less inclined to pay on time. With Connect Patient, this will never be a worry since patients are able to access the service from their desktop, laptop or mobile device. Having a centralized platform with a simple payment method helps keep your patients happy, which in turn helps you have a happy practice overall.

Connect Patient is one of the many advancements for modern medical practices offered by ChartLogic’s ever growing suite of software. The improvements we have made since 1994 to bring efficiency and profitability to medical practices has put us on the forefront of innovation in our industry. Allowing patients to have the flexibility they need to pay how and when they wish is just another way we are improving the overall experience for your patients during, and after, their visits. To find out how ChartLogic’s software can help your practice grow and engage with patients, visit us today at!

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