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Jerris Heaton

Patient Portals Promote Healthy Habits for Teens

August 9, 2018

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Most teens are taught in health class the importance of exercise, healthy eating, flossing, getting enough sleep, etc. The goal is for them to learn habits that will promote a long, healthy life. However, this information does not necessarily lead to the appropriate actions. Usually, when teens want information on their physical well-being, their parents must be involved and schedule their appointment. To adequately encourage a healthy lifestyle, teens need easy access to health care providers.

Teen Communication

It has been shown that “92% of teens prefer communication through texting.”  Patient portals allow for teens to take control of their health through communication with physicians in a format with which they are comfortable. Patient portals provide the opportunity for teens to express concerns and give important information that physicians can use to treat and guide them.

Developing Healthy Habits

Not only can adolescents benefit from patient portals, but they also allow physicians to treat teens in a more efficient and effective manner.  Patient portals give physicians the ability to provide young people with their medical history and healthy lifestyle tips to incorporate into their daily lives.

ChartLogic Solution

“Facilitating ongoing communication between patients and physicians via apps and online portals can improve engagement rate by 60% or higher.”[1]  It has been shown that about “93% of physicians feel health apps can boost a patient’s healthcare outcomes.”  This data reveals the benefits of incorporating portals into your health care practices. To learn more about CharLogic’s Connect Patient Portal, click here.

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