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Steve Feher

Questions to Ask About the Implementation of Electronic Health Records

January 2, 2018

Clinician, EHR, Office Manager 5 Minute Read

Understand The Implementation Process

Change is difficult. While this is law in all areas of life, it is particularly true when it comes to the workplace and switching up your IT. It’s not unusual for some physicians to resist using an Electronic Health Record system (EHR), and there can be many reasons for this reluctance. Clinicians and staff members may be generally uncomfortable or feel intimidated by using a computer. Personnel may fear that the EHR software will come between themselves and the patients. These are fears that can be addressed and mitigated, particularly during the EHR implementation process.

To make the whole process of implementation easier, it helps to begin by stimulating the thought process of office managers, the tech department, doctors, and everyone that will be affected by switching to a new EHR. If you’re in the process of switching to a new EHR or even just entertaining the idea, have you thought about the implementation process and how it might affect the overall functionality and performance of your practice?

Whether you have or haven’t, here are a few basic questions you can ask EHR vendors to make sure implementation will go as planned, and ensure the flow of your practice isn’t compromised by unexpected bumps in the road.

A Few Key Questions:

  • What is the complete implementation process from end-to-end?
  • How long does implementation typically take?
  • Will my practice size affect timing?
  • How does training work?
  • Are we all trained at once?
  • Are there separate seminars depending on our roles?
  • When we schedule training, will you be flexible around work hours and let us pick a time that works best for us?
  • If we feel we need more training than what was provided, what should our next steps be?
  • Does this extra training cost more money or is it included?
  • Do you have a help site to further augment the training sessions?
  • Is our current internet service fast enough to ensure a stable connection?
  • Will our current hardware work for the products that are being implemented?
  • If not, do you offer upgraded hardware at a discounted price or do we have to do that on our own?

These are just a few questions that might help your practice prepare for your next EHR implementation. Many of these might seem like common sense issues, but you don’t want to get hit with something you weren’t expecting and not be able to run your practice for several hours or even days. By running through this key checklist of implementation questions, you’ll be better prepared to use your new EHR, and face less staff resistance along the way.

Ask Us Your Questions

If you have any questions about implementation in general, feel free to reach out because as one of the first EMRs in the industry, ChartLogic EMR is used by thousands of providers and we are more than willing to help.

ChartLogic EMR captures the clinical encounter electronically without making you change your workflow, which is why so many have trusted ChartLogic with their paperless office needs. By combining robust but easy-to-use technology with a tool you’ve been using all along—your voice—we’ve made charting more efficient than ever. Create patient notes in fewer than 90 seconds, and enjoy one-screen charting and ePrescribing with ChartLogic.

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