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Jerris Heaton

The Top 8 Reasons ChartLogic is the Best Choice for Orthopedic

September 6, 2017

Clinician, EHR 3 Minute Read

It’s one thing to say ChartLogic is the best solution for orthopedic practices. It’s another thing to prove it. ChartLogic was built specifically with orthopedic practices in mind and is one of the leading EHRs among orthopedic surgeons. Combining precise voice recognition with orthopedic-specific templates and flow sheets allows surgeons to start saving time and money right away. Use our pre-built orthopedic content or easily create your own without having to change your existing workflow.

Read on for the top eight reasons why ChartLogic meets the needs of your practice better than any other EHR on the market today.

  1. Smart text. Smart text stores all kinds of information for the doctor. While using Dragon or click, clinicians can insert any of the stored information within seconds. This might include additional exams, patient education, patient plans, patient rehab information, and much more. Smart text for orthopedic practices is one of the most beneficial features of ChartLogic because an orthopedic exams are more generalized than other specialties. An orthopedic provider can say “insert ankle” and have that exam load and be ready to go almost instantly, enabling the whole process to move forward smoothly.
  2. Load in your own exam. ChartLogic can load in the provider’s own exam into our system. Most all customized exams will work within our software, which is something that is unique to ChartLogic. When an orthopedic practice decides to work with ChartLogic, the process will be extremely efficient and effective.
  3. Customized templates. We have many templates that can be customized for each practice. Our templates can also include an exam for certain problem areas.
  4. Multiple orthopedic references. We have many orthopedic clients all over the country willing to reach out and attest their experience using ChartLogic.
  5. Chart your notes—your way. Our software lends itself to the way the providers chart their notes in real life. We have a ton of smart text to help with the notes, i.e. patient plans, patient education and additional information to help with the note. A provider can do a note in less than 90 seconds with our proprietary command-and-control methodology that seamlessly and intuitively integrates voice recognition into the entire electronic charting process.
  6. Comment on scans. For example, X-rays can be brought into the notes, and there is an easy way to record comments on them.
  7. Use your voice. ChartLogic EMR captures the clinical encounter electronically without making you change your workflow, which is why so many have trusted ChartLogic with their paperless office needs. By combining robust but easy-to-use technology with a tool you’ve been using all along—your voice—we’ve made charting more efficient than ever.
  8. Get the help you need. All customer service is handled in the United States and offered at no extra charge.

ChartLogic offers a full ambulatory EHR suite, including EMR, practice management, e-Rx, eligibility checking and patient portal, as well as complete medical billing services. ChartLogic is known for its proprietary command-and-control methodology that allows users to create notes efficiently. Learn more today.

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