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Austin Griffith

Top Features ChartLogic Customers Find The Most Useful & Efficient

November 29, 2017

Clinician, EHR, PM 3 Minute Read

As a physician, your office is likely one of the busiest places in the neighborhood. Making time for meaningful patient interaction is an ongoing challenge. Fortunately, ChartLogic EHR offers the power of fast note-taking with the ability to adjust to various medical specialties and professional preferences. As your partner in administrative and financial tasks, its intuitive functionality, ease of use, and unparalleled flexibility translate to accurate performance and efficiency, which ultimately affects your practice’s bottom line: quality patient care.

A survey was done with a few of our clients and they provided feedback on some of the features that they find the most useful and time-saving. Here is what they chose and why:

ChartLogic’s Flexibility

One of the most useful aspect of the program is without a doubt its flexibility. For example, as a user, you can create your own template and format the documents to fit the various needs of your practice, incorporating bullets, quotes, or paragraphs, and ChartLogic adjusts intuitively. Even while performing physical exams, doctors can free type or use dragon speak rather than clicking on options in a charting program.

“I like how we can create our own templates versus being stuck to just checking boxes. Even the format when I send out letters to doctors, I can adjust it to whether I want it in bullet points or paragraph form. Also, the responses on the eye exams. If I’m describing a part of the eye I can free type into there or use dragon speech instead of just choosing 1 of 4 options.”

– John Carlson, MD, Retina Consultants of Southern California

Built in Voice Recognition

Dragon speech’s voice-to-text ability makes encounters within the EHR remarkably easy and significantly faster than writing or even typing notes. Because Dragon speech is so user-friendly, many may never need any outside guidance, but, when/if you should face a challenge using the program, ChartLogic’s staff is ready to help. No more tricky and fruitless communication with various software providers; ChartLogic stands with high usability and reliable support—the complete package.

“I think the dictation directly into the chart is huge, and that makes the process much more efficient, the ability to reply to letters and get that information to the appropriate referral sources or other sources is big. That increases efficiency and it keeps everybody in the know of what’s going on with that particular patient.”

– Roy Strong, CEO, Ortho Montana

Simplicity Coupled with Concise Tasks

ChartLogic makes tasks easy. Instead of retyping ad nauseum or attempting to carry over redundant notes when seeing patients twice in a row, ChartLogic allows you to copy forward the previous notes and then modify them quickly to conform to patient changes, making updates a synch. You also have access to simplified template processes. Using your voice, you can create templates and fill in the blanks conveniently without lifting a typing finger! Furthermore, the various areas of the program, including patient information searches, are simple to navigate. Who couldn’t use a little simplicity in their workday?

“It’s so much easier than others. It has made flow in the office easy and manageable again. It really improves workflow when the software is working with you and not against you.”

– Susie Vincent, Children’s Orthopedic Specialists

Work Delegation Without Hassel

Your time as a medical professional is valuable. ChartLogic understands this and incorporates this into their program. Physicians can delegate some work to their technicians, who can copy forward notes of a recent patient exam. And with its accurate dictation, doctors can rest easy knowing that their charts are flawless. That means no more correcting typos! Money and time are valuable currency in the medical field, so ChartLogic technology takes care of billing, freeing up more minutes for doctors to focus on patients’ needs—which is always time well spent.

The team at ChartLogic isn’t going to sell you a product. We are going to engage in a long-term relationship with you, one in which you know you can count on a quality product with support from people who understand your desire to serve others. ChartLogic is one of the rare companies who integrate cutting edge technology with a goal of helping physicians do what matters most—care for patients.

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