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Chris Langehaug

Why Everyone Is Talking About ChartLogic’s Voice Dictation

November 8, 2017

Clinician, EHR 3 Minute Read

In today’s technology driven world, it’s no surprise that voice recognition technology is quickly replacing conventional dictation across a variety of healthcare information systems, Electronic Health Records (EHR) included. But for an EHR system to function in concert with voice recognition technology, it should reduce the need for a spoken narrative to be constructed in complete sentences. Furthermore, an EHR system should be provisioned to exercise dynamic, command-based responses consistent with specific types of procedures, techniques, symptoms, and care plans. However, most EHRs with voice dictation perform at the bare minimum—someone talks to create a note, and it stops there—falling drastically short of what ChartLogic EHR can do.

Let’s take a closer look at why ChartLogic Voice Dictation reigns supreme:

A busy doctors’ office faces the daily challenge of juggling time for paperwork with quality moments between patient and doctor. But with notes that typically take up to twelve minutes being whittled down to two, doctors can focus on what truly matters—the patients. That’s where ChartLogic comes in.

Fully Integrated

ChartLogic has been a voice-driven leader in the healthcare industry since the mid-90s. In the two decades since, our software services have continued to develop and outperform imitators in all aspects. In addition, our integrated PrecisionVoice employs superior command and control voice navigation with highly accurate speech recognition for more efficient charting from day one.

“Everything is so organized, so complete; and our charting is just better. We are more efficient because of ChartLogic. It is the best thing we have ever done, it really is!” -Reisha Zang, Practice Administrator Arizona Institue of Footcare Physicians

Download the full case study here.

Voice Navigation

Easy to operate and extremely reliable, ChartLogic EHR utilizes navigation points that are built into the software. What do these navigation points do? Let’s say you’re making a note in Chief Complaint but realize that you forgot a note in HPI. Simply say into the Dragon Mic “Go to HPI”. The mouse cursor automatically relocates itself to the proper position in the document, so you can start dictating notes immediately. These navigation points allow you to traverse the document efficiently and fluidly, without interrupted speech or mouse clicks, resulting in notes completed in as little as ninety seconds!

“I think the dictation directly into the chart is huge, and that makes the process much more efficient, the ability to reply to letters and get that information to the appropriate referral sources or other sources is big. That increases efficiency and it keeps everybody in the know of what’s going on with that particular patient.” -Roy Strong, CEO, Ortho Montana

Download the full case study here.

Superbill Selections

ChartLogic also allows users to access the superbill through a navigation point. Once in the superbill, the user can dictate codes for selection. This is especially convenient for doctors with commonly used specific codes. No more tedious searching—simply say what you need, and the system takes you there. ChartLogic EHR also aids in medical coding, and it can reduce financial overhead by eliminating the need to pay a transcriptionist for a forty-hour work week, saving the average physician $30,000 to $50,000 each year.

While copycats come and go, ChartLogic is a pioneer of voice recognition software, with more experience than anyone else. And though our competitors have tried, they simply cannot replicate what we do. The ChartLogic Voice Dictation product simply outshines all others. Increase face time with patients while decreasing overhead. Talk with a ChartLogic specialist today.

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