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Practice Management

A robust, easy-to-use practice management system is crucial to running a profitable, efficient practice. ChartLogic Practice Management is the perfect solution for practices large and small for many different reasons.

Less than 5 percent of claims are rejected. Nationally, more than 30 percent of claims are rejected, but ChartLogic’s industry-leading PM software reduces claims rejections to less than 5 percent, ensuring that your practice will be paid in a timely manner.

Appointment scheduler. Setting up new or recurring appointments electronically is extremely easy, and the software is flexible enough to cater to the different scheduling preferences of your physicians. In addition, the waiting list feature will help reduce downtime, keeping your practice busy and profitable.

Patient registration. Patient registration is simple, and, even better, information only needs to be entered into the system once. With everything from insurance forms to a patient’s appointment history logically grouped together, finding the documents you need is quick and easy.

Collection Center. Collecting from patients and insurance companies can be time consuming, especially when done manually. ChartLogic’s Collection Center automates many menial tasks, improving the collections process while requiring a lot less effort from office staff.

Reporting/administration. Reports for billing, workflow analysis, and countless other administrative tasks (including your own customized reports) are available to keep your practice on track financially.

Billing. ChartLogic’s medical billing software includes a charge capture module from the electronic medical records software, along with several other simple methods of claim data entry.

Scrubbers. Using state-of-the-art claim scrubbing software, practices can reduce their claim rejection rates from the industry average of 35% to lower than 5%.