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Five Pitfalls to Avoid in Your NextGen 5.9/8.4 EHR Upgrade | Part 5

November 3, 2017

Medical Technology 2 Minute Read

#5: Not Testing Your Readiness Now

We are down to the last pitfall to avoid in your NextGen upgrade. Why is ‘not testing your readiness now’ a pitfall?

  1. NextGen UGM. If you are committed to NextGen for your EHR, the upgrade is in your near future. And they are making it a priority beginning with multiple deep dive sessions at the UGM Conference beginning November 5th in Las Vegas.

  2. Reality of Failure. As previously noted in Pitfall #2 (Getting Your Sandbox Playtime Wrong): 55% of technology projects fail. The simple fact is that your EHR is too critical of a tool to experience failure. And you don’t know what you don’t know. While the upgrade makes sense in concept, from both a business and technical perspective, your environment is unique. But you can combat that by testing your readiness.

With that in mind, it’s time to consider an independent perspective on your readiness with this short but insightful test. There are 10 questions exploring your business and technical readiness for this upgrade. Upon completion, you will immediately receive your score. Accompanying your score, as applicable, is information on what to do next.

If you pass, you will achieve independent validation that you are indeed ready. If not, you will achieve awareness and guidance on what to do to change that.

So take the test now. Know within a few minutes whether or not you and your organization are ready for the NextGen 5.9/8.4 EHR upgrade.


Michael Patrick, President at Systeem

With more than 20 years of technology and technology sales experience, Michael has led Systeem’s operations since day one, connecting our clients with technology, processes and ideas that make their lives easier and happier.

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