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Seniors want technology. How one practice made life easier for senior patients using technology to manage Patient Assistance Programs.

August 9, 2018

Medical Technology 4 Minute Read

Part 2 of a 3 part series on the truth about seniors and patient engagement technology (4 minute read)

We are back for round two of this series! I’m your blog host and physician practice technologist Michael Patrick. Today’s post is a story about a practice who increased engagement and improved the experience of seniors using technology.

In the event you missed our last post that covered “seniors want technology”, that post included some insights on welcome trends about seniors using technology plus three practical ways to give it to them and improve their engagement.

Now for our story of the day, we turn our attention to Lindsay Eaton, Associate Director of Operations and her practice Retina Vitreous Associates. Lindsay and her team encountered challenges with total patient engagement, especially with their large population of seniors, in the manual processing and management of Patient Assistance Programs.

“Our process was very manual and involved lots of steps, paperwork, ensuring paperwork got to the proper place at the proper time, following up on paperwork to make sure next steps are taking place, re-sending lost paperwork, and on and on,” shared Lindsay.

While the process was painstaking enough for Lindsay and her team, it was even more so for their senior patients. Multiple phone calls, the waiting, fear of the unknown, the waiting, and did I mention the waiting? The process alone was a detriment to the emotional welfare of their patients.

“In the past, small things, like a missing signature on an enrollment form, became big things, especially for our senior patients. In the hustle of managing the many details of processing a person through the business side of a clinical visit, details like that can get overlooked. The result is a patient gets a bill they weren’t expecting and couldn’t afford before we could address the cost of medication and available assistance.”

So, Lindsay and team decided to do something about it. They implemented the facilitation of Patient Assistance Programs using Systeem Connect™.

“Systeem Connect™ has completely changed the way we approach enrollment in Patient Assistance Programs. Now our process is completely digital and paper-free. The previous 7+ step, very manual and lengthy process has been cut down to 2-3 steps involving a few clicks on a tablet and a digital signature from the patient.”

Lindsay then shared how things were different for both patients and physicians since they started using Systeem Connect™.

“The patient is now aware of the cost of the medication and has more instantaneous feedback on their eligibility for assistance programs. This gives them peace of mind and a better experience with the clinic. Because the paperwork is all digital, the issue of lost paperwork is a thing of the past. Patients aren’t required to come in and re-sign a form. They don’t have to wait several days for treatment while the administrative wheel turns. With respect to physicians, the reduction in administrative work frees up the clinical team to focus more on supporting the physicians. And they no longer worry about reimbursement or whether their patients will be able to afford the treatment they need.”

That’s a wrap on yet another way technology can be applied to improve engagement with your senior patient population. Many thanks to Lindsay and the entire team at RVA for sharing the positive impact they created for their senior patients and the people in their practice by using the Systeem Connect™ technology.

Do you have any “seniors and technology” projects, challenges, other experiences, or questions you’d like to share? If so, hit me up in the comments section or feel free to email me @ If you would like to learn more about Systeem Connect™, check out the video or give us a call at 940.484.0850.

Again, I’m Michael Patrick, your physician practice technologist. I trust you are finding value in this latest series. Keep on the lookout for part 3 coming your way soon. Until then, like, share and/or comment on this post!

Michael Patrick, President at Systeem

With more than 20 years of technology and technology sales experience, Michael has led Systeem’s operations since day one, connecting our clients with technology, processes and ideas that make their lives easier and happier.

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