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Jerris Heaton

A One-Stop Solution Provider: The Answer You’ve Been Searching For

December 17, 2019

EHR, PM, RCM 2 Minute Read

In most cases, solutions for practices come from a variety of locations. But how much more efficient could your operations be if each solution originated from one place and also worked together seamlessly? At ChartLogic, we’re striving to provide a one-stop experience that helps your practice perform at its best.

Combining Your Solutions

Currently, your Electronic Health Records (EHR) software, which helps you track critical aspects of patient history, may come from one source. Another vendor might handle the Practice Management (PM) system, which manages your administrative and financial tasks. Finally, yet another may provide the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and billing method that you rely on to both ease the burden of billing and increase financial performance.

Why be bogged down by the additional pressures of managing these separate solution providers that take away from your practice’s most crucial function—improving the quality of patient care?

How ChartLogic is Designed to Help

At ChartLogic, we offer an ambulatory suite of solutions, including EHR/Electronic Medical Records (EMR), PM and billing services.

ChartLogic’s EHR/EMR software provides easy access to everything from medical history and diagnosis codes to referral reply letters, with complete EHR/EMR notes that can be taken from start to finish in under 90 seconds. ChartLogic PM is just as simple, providing an appointment scheduler, claims and collection centers, reporting and administration, as well as registration. And ChartLogic’s billing and RCM services combine expertise and cutting-edge technology to improve performance, save money and boost collections.

One-Stop Shopping Provides Clear Benefits

So, what makes ChartLogic’s one-stop experience so advantageous for practices?

The benefits are clear. Gone are the days of multiple phone calls to try and solve a simple problem. Instead, welcome in the days of responsive, simple service from a single provider that knows every aspect of your practice.

Your staff will feel the benefits as well, with less time spent struggling to work through multiple systems and more time spent providing the best care possible. Additionally, fewer data transfers need to occur along the way, while more integrated and precise patient information is possible.

Although integrating solutions from different providers is undoubtedly doable, this challenge comes with its own set of headaches and often introduces yet another third party into the equation, further complicating what should be a simple goal—taking care of patients.

By leveraging our more than two decades of experience in the EHR industry, we’re prepared to offer a flexible, fast and straightforward charting process that will empower noticeable efficiencies at your practice. If you’re ready to let us ease the burden of solution management, chat with a sales executive today to learn more.

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