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Jerris Heaton

2016, A Year in Review

January 13, 2017

Clinician, EHR, PM 2 Minute Read

The Merger

The merger was one of the biggest things to happen for ChartLogic during 2016. On June 30th, 2016, ChartLogic and Medsphere became more diverse, ambitious, and innovative as we became one.  Now, ChartLogic is referred to as a division of Medsphere rather than its own entity but we operate with similar goals in mind. The merger has allowed for ChartLogic to expand its offerings beyond that of standard individual practices and enter the realm of hospitals with the ever-growing support of Medsphere. The transition has been as smooth as silk, and as a whole, we have our sights set higher than they have ever been for 2017.

Labs Launch

Labs was a special project for ChartLogic because it allowed us to provide lab orders, view results, and create tests groups for common tests and build reports. This was especially important because it allowed us to create a centralized hub for our users and this increased the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our customers. Labs are still a prominent feature of ChartLogic EMR and we continue to make improvements regularly.


The daunting MACRA monster is upon us, but, ChartLogic is ready for it! As always, ChartLogic has been keeping up with the news and we can continue to meet and exceed the requirements for MACRA and MIPS. If you aren’t sure what these requirements are, you can check them out in our blog post ChartLogic is MACRA Ready. This is important to us because we know physicians want to know timelines, deadlines, and detailed information regarding the ruling, and since ChartLogic is ready for MACRA every step of the way, we are able to provide all of the support that is necessary.


ChartLogic attended several trade shows over the course of 2016 but the three main events we made appearances at were Midwest Podiatry, AAOS, APMA, and AAPM. We were able to demonstrate our easy to use EHR, PM, and Billing software at each of these events (we also gave out tons of treats) and both providers and practice managers can interact with software right there in the booth (just wait until you see what is coming this year!). This is always a good experience for us at ChartLogic because it allows us to demonstrate and share our constantly evolving products with like minded competitors in hopes of increasing interoperability, all the while providing customized demonstrations to suit the needs of our end users. Don’t worry, if you missed us 2016, you will have a chance to meet up with us this March at the next AAOS conference.

What’s to Come?

ChartLogic only has one direction to go and that is up. We have an assemblage of new products and features in development waiting to be released throughout the 2017 calendar year, starting with Connect Patient. If you want a more detailed look on what to expect, subscribe to our blog and stay tuned for our next blog post 2017 ChartLogic Roadmap.

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