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Jerris Heaton

ChartLogic Lands Among SoftwareAdvice’s EHR FrontRunners

June 11, 2020

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SoftwareAdvice’s latest FrontRunners report, a collection of the top Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions available, was released in March of this year – and ChartLogic’s suite of solutions landed among those recognized.

What does being labeled a FrontRunners solution entail, and how are they selected? What can you expect from FrontRunners and ChartLogic, in particular? Let’s take a look.

How to Make the FrontRunners Cut

To be included in’s FrontRunners report, software solutions must:

  • Earn top user ratings
  • Have at least 20 unique user reviews over the past two years to contribute to that rating
  • Function as a standalone EMR (Electronic Medical Records) software product
  • Offer charting, decision support and coding assistance at minimum

The site’s team uses market experience and knowledge, as well as thorough research, to determine inclusion, and “usability scores” are calculated by weighting user ratings in functionality and ease-of-use. In addition, a customer satisfaction score is calculated by examining ratings in “value for money,” “likelihood to recommend” and “customer support.”

EHR Software Advice FrontRunners 2020

These scores are then plotted on a graph to determine which solutions excel in both categories, and only the best of the best are selected for inclusion in periodic FrontRunners reports.

ChartLogic currently boasts a user rating of 4.06/5 stars, and’s advisors have recommended ChartLogic’s EHR suite 55 times in the last 30 days, alone.

How Guides End-Users to the Perfect Solution

In addition to the latest FrontRunners report, offers a thorough buyer’s guide for EHR solutions.

Updated in early June, the guide outlines the benefits and competitive advantages of utilizing EHR solutions, helps define practice sizes leveraging these suites, provides a guide of common and requested features, and much more.

EHR Software Advice FrontRunners 2020

It also offers a list of key considerations when selecting an EHR or EMR solution, including:

  • What kind of customer support a solution offers
  • How often a solution is updated
  • What customization options are available
  • How much a practice should spendKey drawbacks and regulations

Choosing ChartLogic

ChartLogic’s suite of EHR solutions ranks among just over 20 FrontRunners in the entire industry for good reason – it just works.

ChartLogic’s EHR/EMR software is built for speed and efficiency, but doesn’t sacrifice robust features in the process. These features allow for ease of use and simplicity, giving practices time to spend where it matters – on creating better patient outcomes.

In addition to the foundational aspects of an EHR solution that go into being selected as a FrontRunner, ChartLogic’s solutions includes:

  • A Custom Note Template Builder
  • Voice Dictation
  • ePrescribe Functionality
  • Telehealth Capabilities
  • Labs Patient Tracker
  • Referral Reply
  • Data Share
  • And Much More

To learn more about why ChartLogic is one of the industry’s top EHR vendors, visit our EHR Solution Page.


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