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Jerris Heaton

Children’s Orthopedic Chooses ChartLogic Over eClinicalWorks

June 2, 2016

Clinician, EHR, Office Manager 3 Minute Read

Children’s Orthopedic Specialists is an orthopedic practice located in Tucson, Arizona that is composed of two physicians and seven other staff members. Children’s Orthopedic has been a ChartLogic Electronic Medical Record (EMR) customer for the past thirteen years until early 2016 when they decided to switch from ChartLogic EMR to eClinicalWorks.


Children’s Orthopedic immediately wished they didn’t make the switch.  Susie Vincent, Practice Manager for Children’s Orthopedic Specialists, said they received terrible customer service and that the servers which hosted their EMR software would frequently crash. According to Susie, these crashes resulted in Children’s Orthopedic losing tens of thousands of dollars.  Susie knew that the server crashes shouldn’t be happening, especially on a regular basis.  Susie compared the server problems with ChartLogic’s servers by saying:

“In thirteen years of ChartLogic, I cannot remember one time when the whole system went down. In eight weeks with eClinicalWorks, there were four instances where the whole system was down for six hours each time.” – Susie Vincent, Practice Manager

ChartLogic Support

After a short, yet excruciating 8 weeks with eClinicalWorks, Children’s Orthopedic decided to cut their losses and switch back to their reliable, long time EMR provider, ChartLogic.  Susie is extremely grateful for the customer support ChartLogic has to provide.  Susie said “Customer service is incredible with ChartLogic. We knew that before, but it took leaving for eight weeks to realize just how good we had it.”  Susie knew even before the switch to eClinicalWorks that they would never get customer support like that again and said, “We’re never going to get customer service like that anywhere else, a real person on the phone who will help us with anything where we can just chat.”

Not only is ChartLogic’s customer support easily available but they are located in the U.S. and Susie mentioned that she can actually understand ChartLogic’s support team and that they’re polite and nice, especially compared to the customer support eClinicalWorks provided.  Susie said that eClinicalWorks’ service guys told her that she was “ignorant because she can’t figure out how to use their software because so many thousands of people already use it, and it must just be a user error.”  Not only did eClinicalWorks steer away from solutions but they proceeded to insult Susie and Children’s Orthopedics.

Children’s Orthopedic decided to switch back to ChartLogic after their traumatic experience and Susie described the interaction as being easy and added, “ChartLogic said ‘No problem, we’ll make it happen.’ And didn’t charge us anything to come back … It was such a good deal, we just feel like we were home.”


Susie and both of the physicians enjoy the remote access to ChartLogic’s EMR software. Not only can they get customer service any time of the day, but they can finish up their work at home on the weekends. The staff at Children’s Orthopedic use Dragon for note dictation within ChartLogic EMR and the template builder to help make their workflow more efficient.

At the end of the day, Susie is glad that they switched back to ChartLogic EMR because “It’s so much easier than others. It has made flow in the office easy and manageable again. It really improves workflow when the software is working with you and not against you.”

Download the case study here.

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