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EMR Companies Offer the Right Tools for any Facility

December 15, 2011

Clinician, EHR 2 Minute Read

When implementing electronic medical records software as a facility’s primary means of patient record tracking and management, many of our clients overlook the other benefits provided by their new system. It goes without saying that being able to reference and update patient records within a few keystrokes offers several useful time-saving techniques, but there are many other opportunities that arise when dealing with the software developed by EMR companies.

Opportunity #1: Extra Space Full of New Potential

Switching to a digital patient record database and moving away from physical documents will give you the opportunity to renovate old storage areas. Those rooms which once held patient records can now be used for important equipment storage, space for daily supplies, additional rooms for patients, rooms for charts, and many more new purposes. What you do with the new space is entirely up to you.

Opportunity #2: Moving Away from a Reliance on Paper Supplies

One of those monthly expenses that are often overlooked is that of paper use. EMR companies know that printer paper, graph paper, and other physical documents can end up costing your company a sizable chunk of change over time. Software developed for electronic medical records often includes extra functionality that can remove the dependence on paper for medical facilities of any size or shape. Features such as chart mapping and template macros can create useful digital presentations that cost far less to produce than standard paper slides.

Opportunity #3: EMR Software Functions Increase Work Efficiency

Not content to simply track patient records, the companies that develop EMR include features with their software that can reduce daily tasks for any member of your medical team. EMR companies know that increasing workplace productivity is the primary purpose behind many major database upgrades, so it’s important to offer a few extra tools to increase efficiency.  Features such as aforementioned graph creation tools, auto-dictation equipment, patient dashboard functionality, and more may come with your electronic medical records software. Whatever your medical team may specialize in, there’ll a tool to make everyday tasks less time-consuming than ever before.

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