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Jerris Heaton

One Stop Solution For Every Practice

June 20, 2017

Clinician, EHR, PM 3 Minute Read

It’s Time to Get Back To What’s Important

Working in the medical field means always being busy. Physicians need to focus on what’s most important—their patients. However, doctors can often get bogged down with tedious work—like clinical notes, Medicare payments, or software updates. Medical practices can quickly and easily become disorganized with all the documentation tasks of paperwork, billing, and benefits. Operating efficiently is now imperative for practices, as bill structures change from fee-for-service to value-based care.

Without proper documentation, patients are left with lengthy wait times and bills aren’t paid in a timely manner. Medical practices need to quickly deliver patient and billing information. By utilizing one partner that can provide everything you need in one centralized location, the task at hand becomes a lot easier for practices. Typically, when all of the software you are using is from the same company, it tends to work together more cohesively, which is important because it creates an environment where there is minimal lag time between information requests and actual outputs. Cutting out an extra step in the process, whether it be obtaining information from one company to send it to another, requesting a billing statement, or even just waiting on the status of an operation, can dramatically reduce process times and increase productivity.

In today’s digital age, healthcare organizations must place patients at the center by maintaining organization and efficiency of operations. By using electronic health records (EHR), practice management (PM), medical billing, credentialing, government regulations, and managed technology all from the same service provider, keeping organized and maintaining efficiency becomes a lot less demanding. With all solutions in one spot and working together, medical professionals can focus on their patients and the practice’s success.

Everything Should Work Together

With the emphasis centered around using one service provider, one of the most important steps is choosing the right company to handle these daunting tasks, this is where ChartLogic comes in. ChartLogic’s EHR and PM software are constantly upgraded to provide the highest level of value. This software gives providers the power of fast note-taking, and it intuitively understands user workflow, specialty and personal preferences, all while managing administrative and financial tasks. The Billing Services solution allows practices to receive payments on time without any hassle. This service uses accurate billing techniques to increase financial performance. Constantly changing government regulations cause headaches for physicians. However, ChartLogic’s MIPS package consults and monitors performance trackers, so the practice never falls behind. Another feature is the ease of the credentialing process, as ChartLogic has significant rapport with most insurance companies to easily manage this process for providers. Plus, providers no longer have to manage tedious IT tasks when using ChartLogic’s Managed IT solution.

Rely On One Partner, Not Multiple

Medical practices need to focus on what really matters—the health and care of their patients—rather than on documentation and revenue. With one centralized location, ChartLogic handles all the mundane tasks that can cause disorganization and discrepancies. Not only does our solution allow providers to refocus on patients, but it also improves the patient experience. There is no need to patch together a variety of services from different companies when ChartLogic has it all as one service provider.

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