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Jerris Heaton

The Value of Today’s Patient Portal

March 8, 2017

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Why a Patient Portal is Essential for Your Practice and Patients

With rising healthcare costs and changing technology, most medical practices are looking for new ways to increase financial and communicative efficiency. In the age of the empowered consumer, a favored solution is to give more responsibility to the patients themselves.

According to medical practitioners, using patient portals can “streamline many processes.”. Financially, portals can reduce the need to hire extra staff since information is organized automatically and patients can be directed to find personal information themselves.

The benefits of patient portals are increasingly essential for practices that want to offer the most efficient and effective services to modern patients. At ChartLogic, electronic medical record software is enhanced by a patient portal called Connect Patient. We are evolving this new portal to enhance the interactive processes between your practice and your patients.

Empowering Patients for Engagement

Portals provide patients with the freedom to make their own care decisions. The patient can schedule appointments and pay bills independently. This saves staff time usually spent performing these tasks, and increases patient satisfaction.

For example, when your patients independently schedule appointments through our portal, they have the satisfaction of being in control of when they come in. They can see their options and make their own choices according to their needs. At the same time, your staff won’t have to answer the phone and go back and forth with options until the patient selects an appointment.

ChartLogic’s Connect Patient goes beyond the standard patient portal offerings. We give you complete control over how you engage with patients. For instance, your staff can chat via text online with multiple patients at once. Your portal can also send patients reminders of appointment times, and mobile intake forms.

Features like these increase patient empowerment and decrease staff workload. A case study on Primary Health Medical Group (PHMG), for instance, found portal messaging reduced their experience of being “bombarded with emails” by patients. Portal messaging is as secure as email, but it ties messages to patient charts so providers have everything in one place.

Additional features of Connect Patient streamline processes to minimize staff workload and increase patient satisfaction:

  • Medical histories are integrated with the patient portal when connected with ChartLogic EMR
  • Conduct direct and secure HIPAA messaging between providers and patients
  • Automated appointment reminders can be sent to patients via SMS, email and voice recordings

Features like these are what make patient portals essential for patients and practices. By streamlining multiple processes, portals improve the experience of all parties in interactive medical care.

Improve Patient Outcomes with a Portal

If your practice is overwhelmed with tasks that could be automated, your staff may be operating inefficiently and your patients may be dissatisfied with the service provided. Transitioning to the use of a patient portal can enhance your practice’s efficiency and your patients’ experience. As a result, patient outcomes may be improved as well.

Let us help you increase financial and communicative efficiency. To learn more about how ChartLogic can help your patients, and look into using our new Connect Patient, visit today!

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