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Jerris Heaton

Outsourcing Healthcare IT Services Improves Both Patient Care and ROI

June 12, 2017

EHR, Office Manager 3 Minute Read

In recent years, the medical field has transformed itself from a paper business to a digital one. Patient information––including charts, records, billing, notes, and prescriptions––is now recorded, stored, and shared electronically. So how can a medical provider keep up with the ever-changing technology and complicated privacy law and regulation requirements? Many practices have decided to outsource their IT services to a knowledgeable, on-call staff so they can focus on serving their patients.

A Rise In IT Outsourcing

Healthcare IT outsourcing is on the rise. According to a recent Black Book Research survey of industry leaders and executives, 73% of health systems with more than 300 beds, and 81% of providers with fewer than 300 beds, are shifting their focus to outsourcing IT services. Respondents cited immediate access to a fully-trained staff and its technology as a driving force behind their move toward IT outsourcing, especially as demands on healthcare organizations grow more complex.

Quick ROI

The move to outsourcing typically leads to a positive ROI as well. A full 90% of the Black Book Research survey respondents reported they were at, or near, a full return on their investment within three months or less. In contrast, when record-keeping functions are handled in-house, cost fluctuations often result from high employee turnover or additional headcount requirements. And it’s not realistic for many smaller practices to employ, train, and retain this skill set in-house. Positive ROI can be reached more dependably with third party IT sourcing since costs are more predictable and the record-keeping process is more efficient.

Best of all, healthcare investment in IT and infrastructure can actually improve patient care. Data is centralized and easily accessible, so all physicians and providers have a clear picture of a patient’s medical history. And this data is aggregated and secure, reducing the possibility of errors while being fully HIPAA-compliant.

What to Look For

With numerous benefits associated with third party IT services, outsourcing can provide a technologically sound system that improves multiple areas of a medical practice. When making the decision to outsource, providers should look for reliability, reputation, and trust. The IT service firm should have a proven track record and be proactive about the security of patient information, including all data applicable to HIPAA. The third party must always run the most updated and safe systems and provide back-ups so information is never lost. Most of all, they should serve as a trusted, long-term partner.

ChartLogic As A Solution

For over 20 years, ChartLogic has remained committed to using our healthcare IT knowledge to help practices run efficiently and effectively. Using time-tested and flexible methodologies, we are able to tailor the right solution for every client’s needs and budget. ChartLogic provides a variety of subscription and project services, such as IT infrastructure management, electronic record management (ERM), service desk, or even a dedicated CIO. We can help you find the right solution for your practice so you can concentrate on serving your patients.

To get started, just go to our Managed IT Page and request more information from one of our specialists. They will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

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