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ChartLogic Team

3 Big Reasons to Use Practice Management Tools

February 17, 2012

PM 2 Minute Read

As more and more medical practices make the switch to practice management tools, it’s become easier than ever to see the benefits that this software can provide. For a more efficient workplace and cost-effective management techniques, practice management software is integral to the success of the nation’s biggest clinics and hospitals. Yet as pervasive as PM tools have become in the medical community, there are still some practices out there which have not implemented this software into their operations. While there are a number of reasons for why these toolsets are invaluable, many find the following features to be among the most important.

Reason #1: Electronic scheduling and patient registration.

A critical function of practice management software, streamlined registration and scheduling services PM tools are as convenient as they are useful. By taking the stress off the practice’s staff and allowing patients to handle the bulk of their own appointment-making, any clinic will gain a sizable amount of time with which to accomplish more work. As always, a receptionist or nurse can always take care of those patients who require a little bit extra time and attention.

Reason #2: Medical Billing Software.

Gone are the stresses of physical payment management and bill collecting. Practice management tools include some of the easiest-to-use and most streamlined medical billing software out on the market today. Claims data entry and various other functions are can be found in top-quality PM tools and are also the most popular functions of this software as well. As an added bonus, one can expect the precision of electronic payment methods to assist in doing away with errors and billing mistakes which are known to happen from time to time.

Reason #3: Scrubbing software.

Practice management software also includes state-of-the-art scrubbing software. Those practices that see a claim rejection rate well above the industry average can benefit greatly from this useful function. In particular, ChartLogic’s scrubbing tools can lower the rejection rate of a practice to lower than 5%.

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