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Jerris Heaton

Three Things That Can Help Optimize Your Practice’s Workflow

September 18, 2018

EHR, Office Manager, Patient Portal 2 Minute Read

Because Introduction Workflow is specific to each practice, it’s essential in the healthcare industry that specialized processes are built out specifically for the client. They must also include IT tools that improve usability. The AMA (American Medical Association) recognizes that while the adoption of EHRs (Electronic Health Records) has been slow, their use is highly beneficial for several reasons. The primary reason is the urgent need for quality healthcare and reasonable costs. In response to these and other diverse healthcare needs, ChartLogic provides three easy EHR optimization activities that help improve efficiency.

EHR PDMP Integration

Quick and easy ePrescribing programs are made possible in part through Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs). PDMP databases are run by each state that monitors the dispensing of medications within that state. Their main target is drugs with the potential for abuse. Integrating Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Data into the EHR system is a significant benefit that ChartLogic provides to their clients, keeping all pertinent information in one easy-to-understand platform.

Comprehensive Patient Portals

If you’re using an EHR, patient portals are a no-brainer add-on that can help centralize patient information. Patient portals can collect all the information necessary for doctors to get updates on their clients. This information encompasses medical records, previous notes, and billing information. In addition to information, patient portals can reduce the number of patients who don’t show up to scheduled appointments with mobile appointment reminders via email and text. Once the appointment is over, there is no extra work needed to prescribe the patient additional medication, send lab results, or communicate and answer questions, it’s all right there within the portal. In addition to making the physician’s life easier, it also helps the office staff. The portal allows the patient to pay bills and co-pays online and reduces the hassle of having the patient come into the office to close out balances. If you’re curious about a patient portal, you can learn more about ChartLogic’s Connect Patient Portal here.

Flexible EHR Functionality

Workflow within a clinic is also important in maintaining an organized, well-functioning business. This means that using an EHR that works with you rather than against you is important. ChartLogic EHR does just that. The user has multiple options to optimize their workflows.  These options include custom template creation, pre-built templates, voice dictation of notes in less than 90 seconds, ePrescribing, and much, much more. ChartLogic EHR adapts to your workflow without forcing you to change the way you work. With the full suite of software, you’ll have everything you need to make your practice run as efficiently as possible.

The bottom line is that ChartLogic EHR adapts to how you work, not the other way around. With user-friendly applications and features, this program can easily transform your office’s workflow and streamline your processes.

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