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What Can You Do with Two Hours?

May 13, 2013

Clinician, EHR 2 Minute Read

See more patients. Make more money. Go to lunch with a friend. Read a book. Go golfing. You can do a lot with two hours, even if you only get two free hours a month.

Imagine what you could do with two extra hours every day.

Two hours is the difference between a traditional, point-and-click EMR and an EMR that is powered by voice technology. Two hours is the difference between physicians who hate their EMRs and physicians who love their EMRs.

Voice technology is a game changer for physicians. Before EMRs were widely used, most doctors dictated their notes and had someone transcribe them. Technology that utilizes the power of voice is great for a lot of reasons, but it’s great mostly because it mimics workflows doctors are already used to. Point-and-click EMRs require a lengthy learning period, but voice-driven EMRs meld naturally with doctors’ workflow and even speed up the charting process.

That’s not to say that voice-driven EMRs fulfill every doctor’s dream for an EMR, but they get much closer to that dream than point-and-click EMRs do.

Voice technology has improved greatly over the past decade. What was once semi-accurate voice recognition has turned into technology that is extremely accurate, allows you to command and control your way through the note, and automatically separates data into the correct data fields. With a voice-driven EMR, you’re not only saving time, but you’re also saving costs, as you won’t need transcription services anymore.

An EMR that saves time and money? The right technology in the right hands makes that possible.

Most EMRs are meaningful use certified and satisfy all the digital charting needs established by the government. However, they are slowing doctors down, forcing them to see fewer patients, and, in extreme cases, causing doctors to quit.

A voice-driven EMR, however, satisfies government requirements without bogging a practice down with extra baggage.

What can you do with two extra hours a day?

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