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Which EMR Vendor is Right for You?

July 24, 2012

Clinician, EHR 1 Minute Read

Many clinics and hospitals across the country have adopted the use of EMR software because of the many advantages. With the use of EMR software, physicians can accurately record and conveniently store patient information, gain quick access to important documents including patient history and billing information, save money spent on paper documents, devote more time to patients, and efficiently communicate and work with other staff members within the organization.

While these advantages greatly benefit both the patient and the medical staff, many physicians are cautious about EMR software, and not because they think it won’t work, but because they are careful of the EMR vendor behind it. With the hundreds of software vendors to choose from, how do you know which EMR vendor works in your best interest?

Like hiring an employee to work for your company, the same general rule of thumb applies when seeking an EMR vendor.  You want to select a vendor who shares the same vision as you do. This means ensuring that the vendor understands your business and your mission. To help you in the selection process, below are important questions to ask vendors.

  1. How many practices use your system nationwide?
  2. Can you provide details about these practices, such as the number of physicians within the practice?
  3. Have any physicians experienced issues with your system? If so, what issues and were they resolved?
  4. Have users switched to other systems? If so, why?
  5.  Do you understand why our medical practice wants to utilize EMR?
  6. Do physicians keep up-to-date with your company’s latest research and strategies when implementing EMRs?

When seeking an EMR vendor, keep these questions in mind in order to find reliable vendor.

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