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How to Ensure an EMR System Runs Efficiently in Your Office

July 17, 2012

EHR, Office Manager 2 Minute Read

Many health industries have benefited greatly from the use of an EMR system, most notably hospitals and long term care facilities. With an EMR system, doctors, physicians, nurses and medical staff members can quickly and conveniently store and keep track of patient medical information. While an EMR system benefits patients in many ways such as eliminating the time spent filling out information forms and allowing them to spend more time with their doctor during a visit, an EMR system not only benefits patients, but the office staff as well.

With an EMR system, staff members can promptly store and access patient information and avoid spending on excessive amounts of paper to be used as records, in addition to many other advantages. Overall, an EMR system helps an office run more efficiently and effectively. But, in order to help the EMR process run smoothly, staff members must work together.  While it may be overlooked, your office staff plays an important role in the success of EMR system. Below are simple steps you can take to ensure an EMR system runs efficiently in your office.

Ensure all employees understand an EMR system

Regardless of the position of employees, whether a nurse or a secretary, all employees should be aware of an EMR system, how to correctly use it, why the staff is using it and how it benefits patients and the practice. Your employees should know why they are using an EMR system and how it benefits them, as well as understand how it benefits patients, especially in the instance that a patient questions the purpose of the system.

Hold staff meetings

In addition to ensuring all employees understand the use of an EMR system, you should hold regular meetings in order to allow them to share their progress in the use of the system. These meetings are also beneficial in discussing ways to improve the system as well as share the latest information and news concerning EMR systems today.

In order for your office to operate smoothly and your staff to work efficiently, it’s crucial that all of your employees are on the same page regarding the use of the EMR system.

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