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5 Reasons Why Doctors Love EHRs

May 21, 2012

Clinician, EHR 2 Minute Read

Most doctors today own a smartphone or tablet, and many of them use these devices for work-related purposes, such as to access or edit a patient’s electronic health record. Doctors’ love for technology is a clear indicator that EHR adoption and functionality will only increase. Here are five specific reasons why doctors appreciate the benefits of electronic health records.

1. No more lost charts. Charts can be retrieved with the simple click of a button and can also be viewed by more than one user at a time.

2. Better documentation. Information put into an EHR is more E/M compliant, complete, accurate, and legible. EHR alerts help ensure information documented is accurate, and staff won’t have to interpret handwriting they can’t read.

3. Mobility. Doctors, like the rest of the world, are no longer tied to their desks. Doctors can access medical records from home, finish documenting notes in their cars, and send/answer messages to patients when convenient for them. Most EHRs have smartphone and tablet capabilities, giving doctors even more flexibility over how they manage their time.

4. Shared responsibility. Some of the burden that comes with being a doctor is alleviated by EHRs. Technology helps patients take more initiative in managing their own care, and sharing information with other providers isn’t as difficult as it used to be. When an EHR is integrated with a practice management system it reduces repeat data-entry for both the office and clinical staff.

5. Positive return on your investment. EHRs eliminate many costs, such as transcription and the significant costs associated with paper charts. A good EHR will enhance productivity, allowing doctors to see the number of patients they would like to see every day. In addition, doctors who adopt certified EHR technology can qualify for government meaningful use incentives.

Early EHR adopters saw right away how EHRs could solve problems created by paper, and today’s EHRs offer even more tools to enhance a doctor’s workflow.

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