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Jerris Heaton

Billing Service Companies Choose ChartLogic’s Premier Medical Software

June 1, 2017

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ChartLogic Helps Streamline the Medical Billing Process

Healthcare providers are increasingly turning to medical billing companies to help them navigate the complexities of medical billing. The billing process can be time consuming, often causing a sizeable delay between when care is provided and when payment is received from the patient. Medical billing companies are increasingly turning to health IT companies to help streamline the process, saving time and money for both themselves and the providers they serve. When medical billing companies choose software, it’s important they find solutions that meet their unique needs while receiving excellent customer service.

Billing companies need a health IT partner with the expertise and technology to help them manage the revenue cycle. This technology would:

  • Handle claim processing, payment, and revenue generation
  • Determine patient eligibility
  • Collect payments and co-pays
  • Code claims correctly and track them, and
  • Follow up on denied claims

The Best Solution

ChartLogic offers the best solution on the market to handle medical billing. The technology is extremely adaptable and can be customized for any practice specialty. ChartLogic’s software streamlines the workflow for medical billing companies and uses accurate billing practices to increase financial performance. Delayed payments and the struggle to collect them are minimized. This benefits not only billing companies, but the providers they serve.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) rejects about 26% of all claims, with up to 40% never being resubmitted.[1] ChartLogic’s robust revenue cycle management software improves coding accuracy to prevent unclaimed collections. ChartLogic employs highly experienced, AHIMA-credentialed coders for medical coding support and auditing services. This allows your billing service to maximize reimbursement and save time by getting codes right the first time.

Beyond the technology, a health IT partner should offer excellent customer service. ChartLogic offers the best customer support in the industry, with 97% of issues resolved during the first call.

The complexities of medical billing should not be another issue to worry about. That’s why so many billing companies are partnering with ChartLogic. ChartLogic streamlines the medical billing process by offering the most advanced technology and the best customer service, allowing billing companies to focus on what matters most: The providers they serve.


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