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Digitizing Patient Medical Records

September 12, 2012

Clinician, EHR 2 Minute Read

When medical facilities and healthcare practices make the move to choose which electronic health records vendor to contract with, there are a ton of circumstances and characteristics that the medical facility needs to consider.  Perhaps one of the most important factors is if the software is in a template form of if the software is open source. While both factors are beneficial to the right organization, the cost of understanding the need to digitize patient medical records cannot be misunderstood.

We have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of healthcare providers that are shopping around for vendors that are competing in this industry.  What’s more, hospital and large medical facilities prefer to utilize open source electronic health record vendors as these packages can be customized to their practice.  The more important reason is that these facilities oftentimes have additional medical offices within their network that need to become compatible with the system.  Integrating the individual offices into the health care network can be challenging and that’s where open source electronic health records come into play.  These records can be adjusted specifically to what is required by the specific practice.  This integration shoots all the way down to the individual offices that also require this type of digital infrastructure.

The most usage from open source electronic health records actually is utilized by a publicly available infrastructure called the Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture.  With this group utilizing open source software, they are saving money and building customized solutions to helping their digital interface.  While the use of open source in the conservative medical industry is typically not done too often, the organizations that do use this typically get a ton of publicity.

The use of this type of technology shines further light on the incredibly advanced technology that is used in EHR research and development.  The demand for technology in the health and medical sector has continued to outpace the previous year’s demand each and every year forward.  This technology continues to grow and creates a demand for further products and services.

Utilizing open source software in the digital medical record sector is a growing trend that is saving some large facilities and healthcare systems valuable resources in the long run.  As medical technology continues to advance, so too do the processes that govern and manage them.

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