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Step Towards an EHR Made for Podiatry by a Podiatrist

June 26, 2015

Clinician, EHR 1 Minute Read

ChartLogic started with Podiatry and today, 20 years later, it is a top EHR vendor for Podiatrists nationwide. Our software was created at a Podiatry Clinic in 1994 by healthcare IT professionals who wanted to create a solution for a growing need in practices across the country, electronic charting software.

ChartLogic now offers a full ambulatory EHR suite for Podiatry, including electronic medical record, practice management, revenue cycle management, e-prescribing, patient portal and more. Your practice can create notes in less than 90 seconds with our proprietary command-and-control methodology that seamlessly and intuitively integrates voice recognition into the entire electronic charting process. ChartLogic EHR for Podiatry provides real-time eEligibility and claims submissions, complete financial transparency, easy PQRS reporting, and is ICD-10 ready.

ChartLogic is an ONC-ACB certified Complete Ambulatory EHR that supports both Stage 1 and Stage 2 of Meaningful Use. Discover ChartLogic EHR for Podiatry and start earning your government incentives today.

“Everything is so organized, so complete; and our charting is just better. We are more efficient because of ChartLogic. It is the best thing we have ever done, it really is!”

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