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Jerris Heaton

Learn How Voice Recognition Saves Doctors Time and Money

March 21, 2017

Clinician, EHR 3 Minute Read

Communication is Key

Patients want a doctor who listens. Unfortunately, many busy doctors must focus on a computer monitor while they manually type their notes. This frustrates and discourages patients during an experience they may already find unenjoyable. Doctors may miss important non-verbal signals as well. That’s why ChartLogic developed its electronic medical record (EMR) with a voice recognition feature built into the entire software. ChartLogic EMR software is a powerful tool, allowing physicians to take detailed notes while focusing on the patient, improving both the electronic charting process and the patient experience.

Traditional point-and-click EMRs have a number of disadvantages:

  • Ease of Use – The most common complaint about point-and-click EMRs is the steep learning curve. It can take months to master all the features, and even then, searching endless drop-down menus to locate the correct button can be both frustrating and time-consuming.
  • Speed – EMRs were supposed to free doctors from endless paperwork, but can actually slow doctors down, as they search through literally thousands of data fields each day to find the information needed to take notes. This negatively impacts both the patient experience and employee satisfaction. It also eats up valuable time – a resource that’s always in short supply.
  • Flexibility – Point-and-click EMRs often claim they can be customized, but personalizing the software to fit a physician’s unique needs and workflows can be challenging. Most doctors have to change the way they do things to fit the software’s requirements, rather than the other way around.

Fortunately, there is a better way. Trained voice recognition technology helps doctors overcome many of these issues. Physicians no longer have to navigate a series of confusing and time-consuming screens, enter data manually, and click a mouse hundreds of times. Instead of tabs, check-boxes, radio buttons, form fields, and pick-lists, the doctor simply delivers a series of dynamic, command-based responses.

What used to take five to twelve minutes now takes less than two minutes, leaving doctors more time to spend with their patients and work on their practice, improving the bottom line. After moving to EMR software with a voice recognition feature, a practice typically decreases overhead by 60% and sees a 25% increase in patient throughput and billable revenue. ChartLogic EMR also saves time compared to conventional dictation. Once the need to pay a transcriptionist is eliminated, the average physician saves $30,000 to $50,000 each year.

Integrated Dragon Medical Speech Recognition Software

Unlike competing products, ChartLogic EMR integrates a software partner many doctors are already familiar with: Dragon Medical speech recognition technology. This software combines superior command and control voice navigation with highly accurate speech recognition, resulting in efficient charting from day one. ChartLogic displays a complete patient note on a single screen, where doctors can easily access information such as medical history, diagnosis codes, and referral reply letters. An extensive specialized vocabulary library, combined with templates, SmartFields, macros, and customization tools, allows doctors to complete a unique patient record in ninety seconds or less.

Spend less time pointing and clicking, searching endless menus, and navigating hundreds of confusing screens to take notes manually. ChartLogic EMR’s voice recognition technology feature lets doctors spend less time on screen and more time on what really matters – helping their patients.

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