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Jerris Heaton

Reducing Costs: Worry About Patients, Not the Bottom Line

April 24, 2018

Clinician, EHR, PM 2 Minute Read

Like any business, hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices need to cut unnecessary costs to save money and increase profits. It is medical practice to be more concerned about treating patients than the bottom line—but the same time, patients are more likely to get medical attention if costs are lower. There is a way to maintain the patient-first operating model while simultaneously reducing unnecessary costs.

It is easy to accumulate habits that result in monetary inefficiencies. There are two main areas in which physician practices tend to lose time and money: paperwork and billing. Seventy-five percent of the total cost of facility operations involves staff, and our mission at ChartLogic is to connect with staff to further help patients.

Stop Doing Paperwork

From documenting patient notes, registering new patients and updating old files, scheduling appointments, and verifying patient insurances just to name a few—office staff is constantly filling out some form of paperwork. This is most often time-consuming and tedious. However, ChartLogic offers time-sensitive solutions.

Reducing Unnecessary Costs DolphinsHailed as the first meaningful use certified electronic medical records (EMR) in the industry, ChartLogic EMR documents physician and patient encounters without changing the workflow. ChartLogic EMR is completely paperless and creates patient notes in fewer than 90 seconds. The EMR offers a customizable template builder, a Patient Portal, ePrescribing, data share capabilities, labs, and referral replies amongst other efficiencies.

Aside from handling the medial record side, we help physician’s clients further with the ChartLogic Practice Management system. This software allows for appointment scheduling, insurance verification, patient registration, patient statements, and a user dashboard. The software increases revenue by cutting down on the amount of time spent on paperwork and is completely physician friendly.

Stop Doing Your Own Billing

As stated earlier, focusing on patient care is the most important thing for physicians and their staff. ChartLogic further ensures this by offering our medical billing services to take the billing burden off the medical office. ChartLogic’s billing service includes contract negotiation, reporting, chart audits, and an increase in the practice’s billing performance. Overall, ChartLogic RCM is meant to drastically minimize billing tasks so your staff can focus on other important duties.

Implementing solutions like these will help cut costs and build revenue. ChartLogic is your partner for creating an efficient, streamlined practice. By implementing our systems, practices can spend less time on administrative tasks and more on providing care for patients. To learn more about ChartLogic and the solutions we can provide your practice, learn more here.

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