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Coming Soon: ChartLogic to Debut Electronic Faxing Solution

October 8, 2019

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While faxing has been a communication technology for some time, it still has relevance in the medical field. Many healthcare organizations still use faxing as a communication medium of choice. However, technology has evolved dramatically since the invention of the fax machine; thus there is a need to modernize this older mode of communication. To ensure that healthcare practices can still use this tool, ChartLogic is introducing a new feature, electronic faxing.

Why Faxing Is Still Relevant for Healthcare and How It’s Changed

While many industries have transitioned to digital communications, faxing is still a common operation used in healthcare. In fact, a study by Vox found that 75% of all medical communication still occurs by fax. Faxing has been a leading choice for healthcare because it’s universally accepted, secure due to its point-to-point nature, and legally binding. But the traditional way of faxing is outdated, and many organizations are seeking new ways to communicate.

Healthcare has embraced newer technologies with the widespread adoption of EHRs, but these platforms don’t always account for sharing communication across different health systems. Hence the need to still fax. But they don’t have to do it the old fashion way.

Electronic faxing enables organizations to maintain all the benefits of faxing, just without the machines or paper records. Instead of a physical machine at the organization’s location, electronic faxing makes use of the cloud, reducing costs and enhancing security.

Electronic Faxing: Key Benefits Healthcare Will Appreciate

Embracing electronic faxing can be a win-win for healthcare. They can still enjoy the benefits of traditional faxing but with a modern approach. When seeking out an electronic faxing provider, organizations should look for these features:

  • An online portal for incoming and outgoing fax storage
  • Ability to save files quickly and upload to EHRs or other software without printing
  • High-quality images

Why You Should Consider the Switch to Electronic Faxing

Making the switch to electronic faxing could help your medical office realize some key benefits, including:

  • Reducing costs: you’ll have no physical machines to purchase or maintain, nor will you need a fax-only phone line, which could cost you $35 to $45 every month
  • Enhanced security: you’ll use a private, HIPAA secure connection with 256-bit encryption to send e-faxes, protecting patient data
  • Saving time: using a traditional fax requires workers to move from their workstation, punch in the numbers, and feed the paper in, which adds up over time
  • It’s eco-friendly: without the need to print, the environment benefits as fewer trees will be needed for paper, and less ink is used

ChartLogic is focused on continuous improvement. We are driven to help organizations improve patient care and work more efficiently. That’s why we’ll soon be introducing e-faxing. Explore our complete EHR suite today to learn more about our healthcare-centric solutions.

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