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Jerris Heaton

Frequently Asked Questions About Electronic Health Records

February 21, 2020

EHR 2 Minute Read

EHR Software allows for the creation of a digital version of a patient’s chart that can then be used to manage their medical history. Our infographic below will cover all of the most frequently asked questions about EHR/EMR software.

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EHR Systems provide some key functions:

  • Secure and instant access to patient info
  • Note creation and customization
  • Voice dictation options
  • ePrescribe functionality for medications

How can using an EHR benefit my practice?

With a simple and efficient EHR system, you can:

  • Avoid workflow disruptions caused by manual patient charts
  • Cut down valuable time spent digging through hard-to-parse records
  • Ensure stronger security surrounding patient info
  • Increase mobility with EHR-Enabled Mobile devices

How does an EHR system improve patient care?

With physicians spending less time manually charting patients, writing prescriptions and accessing patient history, more time is invested where it matters – in caring for patients.

Additionally, EHR software helps you:

  • Reference previous notes
  • Participate in increased interoperability
  • Boost patient to physician communication and vice versa

How much does it cost?

In short – it depends on the scope of your desired solutions. Get in touch with us at, where you’ll be able to see the benefits of our EHR suite.

What does it mean if an EHR system is “certified?”

“Certified” EHR systems meet these criteria:

  • Meet certification standards from CMS and ONC
  • Have a structured format to store data
  • Include benchmarks to measure the quality of care
  • Provides complete functionality of security

What is Meaningful Use/MIPS?

Meaningful Use was a part of 2009’s HITECH Act and was meant to encourage EHR adoption. Its standard and criteria are now folded into MACRA, which includes the Merit Based Incentives Payments System (MIPS) that brought Meaningful Use together with two other Medicare programs.

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