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Jerris Heaton

For Healthcare Practices, Bundling IT Services Eliminates Headaches

August 15, 2017

Clinician, EHR 3 Minute Read

Smart technologies continue to proliferate through markets, helping to optimize operations and improve efficiencies. Nowhere is this more evident, perhaps, than throughout the healthcare industry which is entering the third wave of IT adoption characterized by the full digitization of entire enterprises.[1] This entails integrating digital products, channels, processes, and utilizing advanced analytics to transform the way business is done. However, with this third wave, healthcare practices frequently experience the frustrating headaches of long support waiting queues and the inability to directly connect with the appropriate support team when IT problems occur. Combining digital products under one, all-encompassing architecture eliminates the number of channels that have to be crossed when support services are needed.

Importance of Accessible IT Support

Healthcare practices that go digital commonly rely on a multitude of hardware and software vendors to implement their technology solutions. However, if IT support is only accessible through the supplying vendor, then practices could be forced to reach out to several different support teams in order to find the remedy to a digital challenge. This can slow operations and drain both time and financial resources that could be better spent on improving patient care. Choosing a single company as a practice’s primary service provider eliminates the stress of searching for differing services that are compatible, and the risk of dealing with multiple support teams that are helpless to assist with compatibility issues in a timely manner.

Lake County Family Practice (LCFP) in Mentor, Ohio started using ChartLogic Electronic Health Record software (EHR), then added ChartLogic Practice Management and Managed IT services soon thereafter. By depending on ChartLogic as their primary IT services provider, LCFP has access to a one-call support team for all their systems to help maximize efficiency.

“It’s local, I get my questions answered the same day I ask them, and even when we run into problems on the weekends, I can call in and get things fixed.”

It’s great because it’s just one phone call away,” says Eileen Sraj, the Office Manager at LCFP. “It’s local, I get my questions answered the same day I ask them, and even when we run into problems on the weekends, I can call in and get things fixed.” Whether it’s a problem with the internet, the software, the computer hardware, or anything in between, Eileen can place a single phone call to find a quick fix, minimizing stress and downtime so that LCFP can focus on delivering excellent patient care.

Minimize Hardware, Software, and Support Channels With ChartLogic

Healthcare practices that are frustrated with long support waiting queues and bouncing around from one company to another when trying to find a solution to a problem can benefit from combining IT services under one roof. ChartLogic provides EHR, PM, Connect Patient Portal, Medical Billing Services, and Managed IT services that best optimize operations when bundled together. The One Call Away support system is US-based and offers a single point of contact when inevitable technology challenges arise. To learn more, visit here.


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