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Jerris Heaton

[Podcast] Chris Langehaug on EHR’s, Innovations, and the Future of Healthcare

December 7, 2017

Clinician, EHR 2 Minute Read

Podcast Topics:

The Difference Between EHRs and EMRs

The two are used interchangeably throughout the industry, but EMR is a medical record, the charting only, whereas an EHR is a full suite, with e-prescribing, labs, portal integrations. So, it’s a more comprehensive term. CMS defines what an EHR is here.

Innovations in EHR

A lot of practices are on aged platforms, and they’re trying to bring things together. There’s a lot of rollups occurring of various companies.

“We need to be filling gaps in areas where maybe they don’t have the most current functionality,” Langehaug says. “I see more interoperability without partners. More meaningful use roads have been laid to get folks to play more seamlessly together.”

Moving to a more integrated suite that plays nicely with other technology to not get in the way of patient care is the heart of it.

Making the Workflow Seamless

ChartLogic focuses on a lot of customization that puts the power back in customers’ hands so they can control the workflow. Ultimately, they can see more patients and drive more revenue.

It’s typical to have a different practice management and billing vendor, a different lab vendor, and a different EHR vendor. ChartLogic is looking at the full revenue cycle of the patient checking in through full care through getting back to their lives with one vendor, one call center to turn to when issues do arise.

Technology Tools

Being more efficient and managing a practice better as a business and improving that overall healthcare experience helps to build a practice’s brand recognition, improve care, and keep the wolves at bay.

ChartLogic has been using voice recognition since the early days. It’s fast, it’s efficient and ChartLogic has done some creative things like hard coded native command and control. It can navigate through without having to touch the keyboard much at all. Clinicians can do a complicated note without a whole lot of effort.

Healthcare as Amazon

You can look at a healthcare practice like Amazon, like a retail location. Consumers may look around now at where they can get a better deal, where the physician ratings are similar. It’s only a natural evolution that is occurring as we speak.

Telehealth is here now, and because ChartLogic is committed to improving healthcare as humanitarians, it’s seen as a big positive. Having that capability brings better care to rural or remote communities.

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