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Jerris Heaton

Revolutionizing Healthcare Values Through Patient Engagement

May 15, 2017

Clinician, Patient Portal 1 Minute Read

How Technology Is Shifting Values In Healthcare

Progress plays no favorites, and healthcare has been just as subject to the many disruptive advances as the rest of the world. The recent shift toward a mobile and connected economy has forced providers to rethink the way they provide their patients with value. The most successful and on-trend medical practices are employing a layered and multi-tiered approach to patient engagement.

New tools like patient portals are allowing patients unprecedented access to scheduling, test results, prescriptions, and educational materials. These portals leverage digital tools and systems that not only provide customers with value, but also help reduce many of the internal administrative functions that take up staff time. The future of healthcare will be built around new value systems that focus on patient engagement, insight, and happiness.

Since patient engagement is becoming more persistent in the healthcare industry, practices are approaching the topic on many different fronts. Sometimes, getting the foot in the door is the hardest part of adapting new technologies, even if it is the most beneficial route. Below is an infographic that covers a variety of ways practices are engaging with their patients, how these engagement interactions look, and what results these activities are having on practices. This infographic can be a starting point for your practice to begin thinking about adopting technology centered around patient engagement.

Patient Engagement Values

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