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What EHR Users Want: To Be Comfortable

March 4, 2013

Clinician, EHR 2 Minute Read

Seventeen percent of current EHR users plan to switch to a new EHR this year. Why? Because they are uncomfortable. The EHRs they are using do not coincide with their workflow, do not meet their unique needs, and are difficult to use. It’s little wonder that so many EHR purchases lately have been from second- or third-time buyers; usability trumps all other factors involved with EHR.

As the EHR market shifts to meet the demand for EHR usability, many EHR vendors are scrambling to find ways to meet usability requirements before their product is repeatedly abandoned for a better solution. Practices generally evaluate 3–5 vendors before making a purchase decision, and they’re going to pick an EHR that melds with their workflow the best. Simply tacking on specialist “enhancements” to a primary care based EHR won’t cut it. Even stellar customer support will not make up for a clunky user interface.

In short, the EHR vendors that will still be in business in 2015 will be the ones who create products that doctors are comfortable using.

Despite the fact that many practices are abandoning their EHRs for something better, ChartLogic has maintained a 95% retention rate. We’ve adopted the mantra “It’s more comfortable in our cloud” because we create tools that solve existing needs in the office, not create new ones. Two simple tools—voice-powered technology and a one-screen approach to charting—are the reason so many of our users are comfortable with our EHR. With our new cloud-based product, ChartLogic 8, users get increased data backup and quicker updates and fixes in addition to tools that are easy to use.

There was a time when doctors had very few options for EHR and had to choose an EHR that forced them to jump through hoops every day in order to take care of their basic documentation needs electronically. That is changing. Today, it is not uncommon to hear a doctor say they are comfortable with their EHR.

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